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Axis Unveils Discreet Surveillance Cam

HD cam offers improved image quality, video compression, and analytics capabilities

Pictured is the wall fitting and three parts making up the AXIS P1244 network camera: the sensor unit, the 26ft connector cable and the main unit.

CHELMSFORD, MASS.–Axis Communications has unveiled the AXIS P1244 network camera, ideal for indoor settings where an obscure surveillance system is needed.

The AXIS P1244 camera consists of three parts: the sensor unit, comprised of a lens and image sensor, the main unit, which houses the processor, along with the network and power connections –all while being three times smaller than the main unit of its predecessor, the AXIS P12. The sensor and main units are connected via a 26 foot cable, allowing the main unit to be housed separate from the sensor unit.

The 720p AXIS P1244’s sensor unit has a 102 degree horizontal field of view, support for Zipstream technology, which utilizes lower bandwidth for more storage space, micro SD card slot and power over Ethernet capabilities. The Axis Application Development Partner Program video management software, AXIS Camera Station and AXIS Camera Companion all support the AXIS P1244 network camera.