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Axis Unveils ‘ARTPEC-4,’ its Latest In-Camera Chip

Designed to enhance image quality and video analytics performance in Axis’ network cameras and video encoders

Axis Communications, which specializes in network video, introduces the newest version of its in-camera chip, the “Axis real time picture encoder” (ARTPEC-4), designed to enhance image quality and video analytics performance in Axis’ network cameras and video encoders.

The ARTPEC-4 is specifically designed for network video products and offers video with lower noise and higher light sensitivity for sharper images of moving objects, Axis says. In addition, the chip is a key enabler of Axis’ “Lightfinder” technology and enables Internet protocol (IP) cameras to “see” colors and detail clearly in dark and low-light conditions. Lightfinder is found in the AXIS Q1602 Network Camera, a leading light sensitive surveillance camera.

The latest chip also supports the H.264 Main Profile, which is a more efficient compression method, the company says. ARTPEC-4 supports simultaneous H.264 and Motion JPEG streams so video streams can be optimized individually based on the needs of the user, and leads to better HDTV video, increased flexibility and lowered costs for network infrastructure and storage

With a powerful CPU and a coprocessor for accelerating video analytics, ARTPEC-4 also boasts more processing power for intelligent video analysis. This is particularly beneficial for applications running on the AXIS camera application platform for scalable, distributed analytics in video surveillance.

Furthermore, as the shift from analog to IP video surveillance solutions accelerates, video encoders are generating significant interest from the market as a migration strategy to digitizing working analog cameras. Since ARTPEC-4 offers improved de-interlacing and multi-channel video ports on one chip, it lowers the cost per port for video encoders and enables more affordable, multi-channel video encoder products.

The development of the ARTPEC-4 sees improved image quality leading to more usable video surveillance systems, broadening the usage of Axis cameras in more applications and extending the scope of where they can be used, said Johan Paulsson, Axis Communications’ CTO.

The ARTPEC-4 is optimized for Axis’ video encoders and IP network cameras, Axis says.