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Axis Unveils Analog-to-Network Video Encoding Solution

System is comprised of the AXIS Q7436 and AXIS Q7920

Axis Communications Inc., a producer of network video systems, unveiled an analog-to-network video encoding solution comprised of the company’s AXIS Q7436 Video Encoder Blade and the AXIS Q7920 Video Encoder Chassis.
The AXIS Q7436 is a six-channel video encoder blade that delivers multiple, individually configurable video streams from each channel at full frame rate in all resolutions and its support for pan, tilt and zoom functions over coaxial cable reduces installation time and cuts costs because a separate cable is not needed for camera control, the company says.
In addition, the AXIS Q7920 Video Encoder Chassis is rack mountable and provides an expandable solution for migrating large-scale analog CCTV installations to network video, Axis says. It holds up to 14 hot-swappable video encoder blades in order to digitize up to 84 analog cameras, the company says. With hot swapping there is no need to power down the entire system when installing or removing the video encoder blades, which means the critical surveillance system stays up and running during upgrades or maintenance, according to the firm.
The Q7920 also improves system reliability with its power and network redundancy features. With four RJ45 ports as well as four small form-factor pluggable slots for fiber or additional RJ45 module connections, that video encoder solution offers fully flexible and cost-effective long distance network connectivity, Axis says.
“With this new video encoder solution, customers who have invested in large-scale analog systems now have access to future-proof IP video surveillance with a range of digital benefits, like intelligent video, easy remote access and scalability,” said Fredrik Nilsson, Axis Communications’ general manager. In demanding surveillance environments such as airports, railways or cities, users of the AXIS Q7436 encoder blades and complementary chassis would benefit from increased flexibility and high-performance, according to Nilsson.
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