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Axis Launches Thermal IP Cameras

 And the cams look to cost less than $3,500.

Axis Communications has unveiled a pair of full-featured thermal network surveillance cameras, combining day-night capability with the advantages of Axis’ ease of installation and integration with existing networks.

Axis Q1910 And the cams look to cost less than $3,500.

“Today’s launch provides our customers with cost-efficient, easy-to-install thermal network cameras for professional installations and will promote safety and security in critical areas such as public places, industries, railways, ports and roads,” said Axis President Ray Mauritsson. “We see a great potential for these new cameras and we are proud to be able to broaden our portfolio and thereby contribute to strengthening our customers’ security systems

With Axis’ strong distribution network, consisting of more than 27,000 partners worldwide, thermal cameras will now be accessible to whole new groups of users. Axis thermal network cameras mesh with any network video system and can be used in many surveillance systems in a broad range of customers segments such as government, transportation, city surveillance and education.

The infrared cams can see through complete darkness and deliver images that allow operators to detect and act on suspicious activity. Thermal cameras can also handle many difficult weather conditions better than conventional cameras.

Axis Q1910 is intended for indoor environments, while AXIS Q1910-E is an out-of-the-box, outdoor-ready model that is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. AXIS Q1910-E comes with a built-in heater for the window.

Axis Q1910/-E are the first thermal cameras on the market with two-way audio support, which allows the user to communicate with visitors and intruders.

Axis has an excellent video about the cameras, available here.

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