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Axiros Launches Platform-Hosted Device Management Solution

AXESS.ACS As a Service is now available via cloud system

Axiros, a service and device-management company based in Munich, has made its AXESS.ACS TR-069 device management solution available on a hosted platform.
AXESS.ACS as a Service provides the same functionality in a cloud-based format and is intended for use by small to medium-sized Internet service providers, Axiros says. The system is available without licensing fees by subscription or on a pay-as-you-go basis, with rapid deployment, security management, real time support and zero touch provisioning.
Axiros manages the IT infrastructure, including updates and upgrades, eliminating the need for customers to download or install patches or add hardware, software or bandwidth as the device base grows for the scalable multi-tenant architecture. The company says customized capabilities are also available.
AXESS.ACS as a Service was introduced through a pilot program in Germany last year. “Bringing it to the cloud was a logical next step for us,” said Kurt Peterhans, Axiros’ CEO.
With AXESS.ACS as a Service, ISPs are able to manage devices and services over xDSL, PON, WiMAX, cable and FTTx, Axiros says. It also can manage all TR-069 standard compliant devices, the firm says.
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