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Avlex Unveils Wireless Microphones Systems

The ACT-3 Series Diversity Wireless Microphone Systems is suited for live performance, churches, theater, presentations, and additional applications where bandwidth is restricted.

Avlex Corporation, a producer of wireless technology and microphones, introduces the MIPRO AutoScan and Automatic Channel Targeting (ACT)-3 Series Diversity Wireless Microphone Systems.

Consisting of the MIPRO ACT-311 single channel, ACT-311T dual channel, ACT-312 dual channel, and ACT-312T quad channel UHF Diversity receivers, MIPRO’s new ACT-3 Series Diversity Wireless Microphone Systems can be an ideal choice for live performance, churches, theater, presentations, and additional applications where bandwidth is restricted, the company says.

Housed in either half or 1U rack mountable configurations, the MIPRO ACT-311, ACT-311T, ACT-312, and ACT-312T receivers incorporate “Diversity” technology with a range of UHF 620~934 MHz for optimum reception, Avlex says. Each receiver offers 961 selectable frequencies and eight preset compatible channels per band, and, as is the case with all of MIPRO’s ACT Series wireless systems, the company’s ACT channel setup technologies are present to make operation quick and effortless, the company says.

MIPRO ACT-3 Series receivers include “phase-locked loop” (PLL) synthesized radio-frequency (RF) technology with low spurious emissions and increased RF stability; third generation RF circuitry featuring improved anti-interference characteristics and increased interference-free channel operation; and enhanced RF saturated dynamic range that decreases interference and “total harmonic distortion” (THD).

In addition, the ACT-3 Diversity receivers incorporate MIPRO’s PiloTone and NoiseLock circuitry to improve reception with less interference and include the industry’s only RF interference warning indicator and control for system management. Further, each receiver’s backlit LCD screen displays Group, Channel, Frequency, transmitter battery level, RF, Audio, SQ level meters, diversity operation, and an RF interference warning indicator for easy control and monitoring and includes automatic dim (stand-by) and lit (performance) display modes.