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Avigilon Unveils New Version of ‘Online System Design Tool’

The system lets users set the appropriate video quality level and recommended camera, lens, and network video recorder combinations.

Avigilon, a producer of high definition (HD) and megapixel video surveillance systems located in Vancouver, Canada, unveiled a new version of its Online System Design Tool, the company says in a written statement.

Avigilon’s Online System Design Tool allows consultants, integrators, and customers to create predictable and consistent surveillance solution designs by enabling them to quickly identify the appropriate video quality level and recommended camera, lens, and network video recorder (NVR) combinations, the firm says.

Using the latest version of the Avigilon Online System Design Tool, system designers can successfully bridge the transition to internet protocol (IP)-based HD video surveillance by designing high-performing and cost-effective systems for greater overall protection and investigative success, said Rick Ramsay, Avigilon’s product manager.

According to Avigilon, the latest version of the Online System Design Tool has several new features. Those features are:

  • Integrated interface which unites tools for camera, lens, and NVR selection to facilitate easier and more rapid system design.
  • Pixels on target values which ensures systems are architected with a predictable level of detail and also that the surveillance system captures high quality evidence.
  • Graphical scene view which enables view camera mounting locations graphically to identify camera blind spots and pinpoint range of human detection.
  • Flexible access in which designers can access the Online System Design Tool via web browser when online and access an automatically updated version when offline, enabling more rapid and flexible system design.
  • Export to comma-separated variables (CSV) and portable document format (PDF) which enables installers to easily leverage system designs during installation and for consultants and integrators to include in customer quotes.