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AVer Launches its ‘EMC1000’ Videoconferencing Bridge

Provides small organizations with video-conferencing capabilities

AVer Information Inc., a provider of audiovisual solutions, launched its “EMC1000,” a 10-way videoconferencing bridge that provides small organizations with video-conferencing capabilities that were previously available only to the largest organizations.

Designed to empower small and mid-sized organizations, the EMC1000 enables users to invite anyone with a connected PC laptop, desktop or iOS mobile device to join AVer meetings via the downloadable AVer EZMeetup App, according to the company.

Clients and remote colleagues can call in, view content and fully participate in meetings managed from an AVer room-based system during a session, the company says.
“EMC1000 is democratizing business collaboration by giving smaller companies an affordable way to reap the benefits of high-quality video conferencing,” said Kris Rangarajan, AVer’s marketing director. “Previously, only the largest companies had the infrastructure and assets to share content and converse face-to-face in real time with multiple participants via a reliable, high quality system,” he said.
With EMC1000, organizations can conduct team meetings without incurring the time and expense involved in setting up meetings at central locations, AVer says. By using on-demand videoconferencing and content sharing capabilities, small and mid-sized organizations can communicate, and conduct business more effectively, according to the company.
Additionally, EMC1000 provides a simple, intuitive Web interface that allows users to manage and monitor meeting participation, invite additional participants, mute video or audio, choose meeting layout options and monitor video quality, the firm says.
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