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Austin PD Transition to Mobile Digital Video Evidence Systems

Arbitrator 360° provides clear, unbiased record

AUSTIN—The communication and technology management office of the Austin, Tx., police department recently transitioned from VHS mobile video recording systems in its patrol vehicles to Panasonic’s Toughbook Arbitrator 360° mobile digital video evidence systems. Austin PD now has more than 500 patrol vehicles and 60 motorcycles equipped with the technology, which enables officers to provide clear, high-quality and unbiased video evidence, as well as increase officer safety and can help streamline communications between public safety organizations. The system records in 1080p via its front camera and is equipped with a tamper-resistant electromagnetic key lock to ensure the security of the data, while image stabilization and image distortion correction technologies maintain the evidence integrity of the original file and optimize footage for playback.

Technology, such as the Rocket Vehicle Router from Utility Inc., supports the offload of video evidence from these in-vehicle systems to a Rocket Access Point at a rate of up to 1 GB, while maintaining a secure chain of custody. Additionally, systems such as Panasonic’s SafeServ Evidence Management Software Suite serve as a comprehensive file management system that aligns with chain of custody requirements.

For more information, visit the Panasonic for Business website.