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Audio-Technica Mics Outfitted In Hospital’s Observation Rooms

AT ceiling mics and headphones along with Attero Tech Monitors enable parents to listen in while their children play

AKRON, OH–For a parent observing their child play in the one of seven playrooms at the Family Child Learning Center inside Akron Children’s Hospital, the sound quality of the microphones and headphones they use to listen in could be better.

So the Fort Wayne, IN-based audio solutions provider Attero Tech was enlisted to improve the access parents can have with their children by installing new Audio-Technica microphones and headphones, Attero Tech unDNEMO LED audio monitors and a Pakedge SX-24P network switcher.

In the seven playrooms themselves, technicians outfitted 12 Dante enabled ATND931WH goose neck ceiling mics, which have a 100-degree acceptance angle. The mics are attached to ATND8734 Dante-enabled ceiling plate power modules, which has an 80 Hz low-cut UniSteep filter, a three-position input gain level selector and a RJ45 output jack network connector. The power plate modules themselves are then plugged into a standard 2-gang electrical box.

The mics are positioned into zones inside of the observation rooms that allow parents to choose where to listen through one of 20 sets of Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Professional Monitor Headphones connected to one of the 11 newly installed Attero Tech unDNEMO LED audio monitors, which also include built-in speakers and mics and are powered by a PoE connection. If observers wish to not use headphones, the 11 unDNEMO units are also connected to three Radio Design Labs FP-PA18 wall-mounted amplifiers powering three legacy in-ceiling speakers.

A Pakedge SX-24P, a 24-port network switcher, serves as the hub of the system for allowing the Attero Tech unDNEMO’s to choose the audio streams based on what zone the user selected through the local unDNEMO.

“The unDNEMO modules have very simple controls and display only those mics that can be seen through the glass. They’re extremely intuitive to use, almost self-explanatory,” says Mike Sims, Director of Marketing & Sales for Attero Tech.

Since the installation feedback has been positive, according to Marilyn Espe-Sherwindt, the Family Child Learning Center’s director. “The reaction from the parents, staff and our university students has been overwhelmingly positive – the observation rooms have gone from being hard to hear what was going on to enabling everyone to hear everything with clarity and perfect understanding.”