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Anton/Bauer Says ‘AB HDTX System’ is Available

The system transmits a high-definition signal over distances

Anton/Bauer, a provider of batteries, chargers and other mobile power systems for the professional broadcast and video industries, says its new AB HDTX System—which transmits a high-definition signal over distances—is available.

The AB HDTX System is a joint venture between Anton/Bauer and Integrated Microwave Technologies, LLC, a producer of digital microwave video systems for broadcasters. The system is a compact COFDM RF transmitter that utilizes the 5.8-gigahertz frequency band enabling users to operate without the need for an Federal Communications Commission license for it sends its signal directly to the AB HDRX dual-diversity receiver or the DirectVu handheld confidence monitor/receiver. The unit’s size makes it attractive for both electronic news gathering and electronic filed production, as well as live event coverage.

“Professionals love this system simply because it is compact, fits on the end of their camera, can be powered with their existing Anton/Bauer batteries and does not add much additional weight,” says Shin Minowa, Anton/Bauer’s vice president of marketing and business development.

The AB HDTX System has a radio frequency (RF) output of 100 milliwatts and is capable of accepting a wide range of HD/SD video formats along with embedded audio from the HD SDI output on the camera, the companies say. The use of MPEG-4 compression allows the signal to travel a half-mile in line of site applications, and it offers users the flexibility to be able to choose from 12 different channels in which to transmit to ensure the least amount of interference. That enables multiple, different cameras to transmit to one central receive site, where a director can conveniently monitor different shots and make adjustments in real time, Minowa said.