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Analog Way Unveils ‘Smart Edge’

The high-resolution seamless switcher features dual output edge blending

Analog Way, a multinational designer and manufacturer of image converters and presentation switchers, introduces Smart Edge, a high-resolution seamless switcher with dual output edge blending, the company says in a written statement.

Analog Way says it plans to start shipping Smart Edge—which was unveiled during InfoComm Asia in Hong Kong—during the first quarter of 2011.

Smart Edge offers ten universal analog inputs including two fitted with “digital visual interface” (DVI) and two fitted with “high definition-serial digital interface” (HD-SDI). With state of the art 100 percent digital processing, Smart Edge outputs digital and analog signals in SDI, DVI and “video graphics array” (VGA) “red green blue horizontal sync vertical sync” (RGBHV). Smart Edge also has a selection of many formats from “high definition-television” (HDTV) to computer 2K will enable you to match the resolution of your display device, Analog Way says.

Smart Edge allows users to create wide blended screens either horizontally or vertically with one unit able to handle two video projectors. Multi-screen edge blending can be achieved by linking up to three Smart Edge units, resulting in a panoramic image using up to six video projectors without any loss of synchronization.