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Alabama Police Department Does Not Know Why it Has UAVs

The town of 40,000 has a police department employing 100 full time police officers

An Alabama police department has two unmanned aerial vehicles that it does not use, causing the police chief to question why the department has the UAVs.

The Gadsden Police Department has had the UAVs since 2010, said Police Chief John Crane, who did not say what type of UAVs the department posses. Gadsden is a town of 40,000, and its police department employs 100 full time police officers.

The drones were purchased for about $150,000, which was paid through a federal law enforcement grant, and they have video surveillance capability, according to published reports.

Nonetheless, the UAVs have not been used because there has not been a need for them, according to Crane, who learned that his department had the drones when the Federal Aviation Administration released a list of agencies certified to fly UAVs which included the Gadsden PD.