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Air Travelers Want ‘Better Way’ to Conduct Screening

90 percent of travelers surveyed believe a screening system can be both secure and efficient.

A survey of air travelers reveals that 75 percent believe “there has to be a better way” to conduct air travel security screening, says the U.S. Travel Association which funded the research.

In addition, the study’s findings report that a majority of those surveyed want Congress to make air travel security a top priority in the new term that begins in January, said Roger Dow, association president and CEO. “Americans are clamoring for a better way, and it should be a wake-up call for our leaders in Washington,” he said.

The study also reports that 90 percent of travelers surveyed believe it is possible to achieve an air travel screening system that is both secure and efficient, and that does not frighten or inconvenience travelers, the association says.

The study also says 80 percent of travelers support a trusted traveler program that would provide alternative screening measures for American citizens who submit to a background check and meet other risk criteria.

Survey respondents says they would also take from two to three more trips per year if the current security measures involved with air travel could be reduced without compromising security, the association says. Those additional trips could add $84.6 billion in travel spending and support 888,000 additional jobs, the association says.

“An efficient air travel security screening system that streamlines the process for trusted travelers can strengthen our security and economy,” said Dow, who added, “Let’s get to work building the system Americans crave.”