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AETA Debuts 4MinX Compact Mixer, Recorder

Offers indoor and outdoor mixing and even recording of 5.1 or 7.1 up to eight tracks.

AETA AUDIO SYSTEMS unveils the 4MinX, a fully integrated digital multi-channel mixer and multi-track recorder in one compact unit.

The 4MinX offers indoor and outdoor mixing and even recording of 5.1 or 7.1 up to eight tracks and maintain full flexibility on each track including monophonic, stereophonic, or polyphonic, the company says.

The 4MinX is portable, rugged and robust, with a user-friendly interface featuring rotary encoders, programmable function keys, and a thin film transistor (TFT) display panel, the firm says. The 4MinX provides a breakthrough combination of functionalities for television sync-sound location recording, music recording and satellite mixing or radio journalism.

AETA’s 4MinX features four mic/line inputs, two stereo line inputs, and two AES3/AES42 inputs, along with industry-leading output flexibility provided by two stereo line outputs, two auxiliary outputs, and three AES3 outputs, the company says.

The DSP-based mixer supports four channels and a stereo mix down, and the unit provides flexible routing for outstanding versatility through any mix of analog, digital, and 100Base-T outputs. 4MinX’s high-quality mic pre-amp guarantees exceptional sound quality, with flexible integrated monitoring for SoundField microphone systems.

The 4MinX features a 3-inch color TFT screen showing status and level displays. Instant responses and reassuring familiarity are provided by an array of rotary encoders, and the unit can be customized for speedy operation in a range of scenarios through the programmable function keys.