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Aerial Drone for Private Security Being Tested

Japanese company plans to rent the drone in 2014

Japanese security services company Secom Co Ltd. unveiled an aerial drone prototype it says can provide surveillance as well as record criminal activities, and which the company plans to rent in 2014.
Equipped with four propellers, the drone—which is 60 centimeters long and wide and weighs about 1.6 kilograms—would become airborne after receiving an alert from ground-based laser sensors, Secom says. The helicopter-like drone would then approach the target and transmit video data to its control center, the company adds.
“To reduce the number of crimes, we wanted to develop a flying robot that can approach a culprit and his or her vehicles as closely as possible,” said Shuji Maeda, Secom’s president and executive officer.
In addition to renting the aerial drone in Japan, Secom says it is interested in selling the service in other countries as well, but it did not supply a date during which it would begin international service of the drone.