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Advanced Fiber Products Unveils the ‘NTOS-S9A Patchjack’

The fiber optic patchjack is designed to increase a network’s efficiency and reliability

Advanced Fiber Products, a manufacturer of optical and optoelectronic and specialized products, unveils its NTOS-S9A fiber optic “patchjack” which is designed to increase a network’s efficiency and reliability by enabling the same quick and well labeled access to the fiber network as does traditional coax infrastructure.

The NTOS-S9A is a passive, normaling, fiber optic patchjack with an industry standard duplex LC interface, AFP says. Because the unit is a singlemode, normaling, fiber optic, mechanical patchjack, engineers can use it to design fiber optic infrastructures that have all the same benefits that coaxial infrastructures have when normaling patchbays are used, the company says.

The NTOS-S9A is a mechanical switch that is completely signal agnostic because there is no electrical conversion, AFP says. The physical fiber is routed to complete the normal circuit, and rerouted mechanically to complete the patch circuit, the firm says.

In addition, it requires no electrical power and, therefore, does not generate heat the same as traditional coaxial patching, says AFP, which completes its line of fiber optic patching with multimode versions, and a feature rich rack mounting system.

“Patchbays have three main purposes, primary operational routing when there is no electric router in place, expanding the electric router with easy access to the inputs and outputs and, most importantly, serving as a maintenance tool and insurance policy in case of equipment failure,” says Mike Buchanan, AFP sales manager. “The NTOSPNL-S9A makes it possible for singlemode fiber optic networks to have all of these conveniences,” he added.