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Adder Extends KVM Product Line

Standard IP network now works for KVM

NEW YORK —Adder Technology, a manufacturer of KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) connectivity solutions, recently unveiled new IP-based KVM products.

The new AdderLink Infinity 1002 is a high-performance digital KVM and USB 2.0 extender with 1,920 x 1,200-pixel resolution at 60 Hz, as well as a new fiber port offering redundancy that can be easily deployed over an IP-based network. This allows a user and computer to be separated by almost any distance without loss in capabilities, reduction in video resolution or quality.

The Infinity 1002 can locate your critical computing hardware in a secure and temperature controlled environment away from the user workstation, while maintaining a pixel perfect desktop experience. Each Infinity 1002 transmit and receive pair can support up to four remote desktops. If you need to support additional remote devices, simply add an additional receiver box.

Supported devices include USB mass storage plus keyboard, mouse, tablet and touch devices, as well as the MacPro.

“These new extenders are great problem solving products utilizing standard IP infrastructure,” said Tim Conway, vice president of Adder Technology. “The AdderLink extenders can be used in combination with the command and control switch in a control room environment, digital signage and many other industries. We’ll be showcasing how our products work together via practical demonstrations on our booth at InfoComm.”