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Crestron Releases V-Panel HD Touchpanel, External Graphics Engine

The V-panel can function as both a touchpanel control interface and flatpanel HD display.

Crestron is shipping its new V-Panel, which the company calls the industry’s only full 1080p high definition touchpanel, and it can function as both a touchpanel control interface and flatpanel HD display.

Crestron V-Panel

It features VESA mount installation in addition to desktop/tilt and flush wall mount options, so it can be be positioned virtually anywhere.

V-Panels can integrate VoIP communications, embedded PC applications, USB-HID control and onscreen annotation, delivering a complete digital media, control and communication solution. With Crestron DigitalMedia connectivity, protected, uncompressed HD signals can now be displayed on touchpanels.

The V-Panel achieves advantages by separating the graphics engine hardware from the touchpanel display. The 12-inch (V12) and 15-inch widescreen (V15) can be driven by the DGE-1 or DGE-2 digital graphics engines, so panels and engines can be chosen independently to best suit the application.

“Separating the graphics engine hardware from the display makes the V-Panel trim, lightweight and silent—no cooling fans are required,” said Vincent Bruno, Crestron director of marketing. “Both V-Panel models are two inches deep, the thinnest available.”

Also, the DGE is typically installed at the central equipment location, dramatically simplifying its connection to the head end AV sources, switchers, and control network.

V-Panels feature gesture navigation, to view cover art and browse media playlists, or tap into applications such as Internet Explorer, to access Web pages and email. Native IP intercom can be leveraged to talk panel-to-panel with someone in another room, and the USB port provides direct connection to a keyboard and mouse (or wirelessly via an RF dongle) for efficient PC/Internet navigation right from the V-Panel location.

With connectivity including one composite or S-video input, the DGE-1 drives a single window, scalable display. The DGE-2 provides two fully scalable video windows that support standard video, HDTV, high-resolution RGB/VGA, and protected HDMI/DVI and DisplayPort multimode, and with the built-in annotator, users can draw over moving or paused video images.

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