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Super Bowl sound — Is it just me?

I missed a heckuva lot that was said during the Super Bowl. Am I the only one?

Okay, yesterday’s Super Bowl was an unfortunate blowout, as the game so often and oddly is. It was amazing to see a safety, and on the very first play. For the Denver Broncos, it all went downhill from there, which made the game a little sad in my opinion. I was not rooting for any particular team, but I was rooting for a competitive game. That was not to be for yesterday’s Super Bowl.

Making it worse for me was the terrible sound the game (and even some of the commercials) had. Yeah, I’m an older man and my hearing is not nearly what it was mumblety-mumblety years ago. But, with the constant loud roar of the crowd, it was difficult to understand what the announcers said. There was one cutaway to two commentators (one was Troy Aiken and I don’t remember the other’s name) that obviously had audio garbled with gated crowd-roar noise and distortion. Some of the vaunted commercials had loud music, sound effects and overlapping dialog that made them impossible to understand. That was if they were even understandable at all, which it seemed like a few were Zen-like in their ultimate unknowability.

Yeah, I get it… I’m not the target demographic, and I’m the first to admit that I have problems hearing voices when there’s a lot of background noise. However, yesterday’s Super Bowl had very poor sound from my perspective. If I can’t hear what the announcers are saying (or what products the commercials are pitching), what’s the point of having the sound up at all?

Bob Kovacs