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Wrapping up the November issue of Government Video

The Nov. 2013 issue of Government Video is nearly complete.

As I write this, the Nov. 2013 issue of Government Video magazine is in the final stages of the “production” process, which means a publications specialist is using desktop publishing software to fill up all the pages. We’re just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s right now, so the issue will probably make it to the printer later this week and get mailed next week. There’s some good content in this issue, so I hope you take a few minutes to sit down with it.

If you work for a government video operation and want to get a subscription to Government Video magazine, the first thing you should know is that it is free. There’s no need to ask the boss to cough up $30 and write out a requisition. All you need to do is go to our subscription page and fill out the form. Keep in mind that you have to be an actual government employee (federal, state, local) and work in video — if you don’t work for a government agency, then your subscription request will probably be rejected.

Finally, I wanted to mention that we received more fun products to give away at the Government Video raffle. The list has now grown to include four books from Focal Press, all targeted at video producers and journalists. We will probably raffle items over two days of the GVExpo, so you stand a chance of winning something if you come to the show. Of course, if you are not in the audience when your name is called, we will pick another name — no prizes will be held. So if you haven’t already registered for the GVExpo, you might as well… like the magazine, it’s free too.

Bob Kovacs