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Combat video articles coming up in the November issue of GV

Two really good articles on combat video are coming up in the November issue of Government Video.

It’s not good form to brag, but it’s hard not to be excited about the two fine articles on combat videography that will run in the November 2013 issue of Government Video magazine. One is a wrap-up on the current camera gear recommended for battlefield video, and the other is a first-hand look at the life of a real combat videographer/journalist. It’s a terrific article with a couple of on-target photos, so I hope that you’ll take a look when it arrives in magazine form and online.

This article alone would be a good reason to subscribe to GV, so if you don’t already subscribe… what’s holding you back? Don’t make me report you to US Army Special forces.

Just kidding! About the Special Forces thing, that is. These two articles really are good.

Bob Kovacs