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Calling all speakers for the Government Video Expo!

The Government Video Expo is looking for a few good speakers. Are you one?

I’ve been spending much of the day working on issues related to the Government Video Expo, including lining up suitable speakers for the expo’s four keynote speeches. I’ve spent many hours on this and it ain’t easy… people who are easy to reach and willing to talk generally can address fairly narrow fields of interest, and we’re looking for people with the credentials to discuss the big picture. Meanwhile, the date for the GV Expo (Dec. 3-5) is approaching faster every day — or so it seems to me!

If you have the credentials to discuss the big picture, drop me a line and let’s see if you’re GV Expo keynote material. In the meantime, I may need a discount to buy Red Bull by the case to get me through all the hours needed to square this away.

On the other hand, this year’s GV Expo is shaping up as a great show. There are lots of excellent exhibitors and I’ve been promised some exciting items to give away as part of the raffle we do at the show. You gotta be there to win, so come to the GV Expo, talk to the exhibitors, listen to a keynote speech or two, and cross your fingers to improve your chances of winning a completely awesome prize.

I hope to see you there!