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360Heros Issued VR 360-degree Video Patent

The company's camera-holding assemblies hold multiple cameras in both their original form as well as a fully spherical, seamless 360-degree field of view.

OLEAN, N.Y. – Over the last several years, 360Heros has introduced a line of 10-inch solutions for capturing 360-degree video and photo content above water, underwater and in the air. Manufactured in New York, the current models on the market use GoPro cameras for data capture but can be used with other makes and models.

The company received a patent for configurations for capturing 360-degree video underwater. The 360Abyss, for example, is capable of filming 360 video at a depth of more than 3,200 feet.

The holder configurations can create content with resolutions ranging from 8,000 x 4,000 pixels to 12,000 x 6,000 pixels. Content can be played back via virtual reality head-mounted displays including the Samsung GearVR and Google Cardboard, dome projections systems, via the Web, and on IOS and Android devices.

“It’s been our goal since day one to create solutions that empower content creators to leverage existing camera technology to tell stories in a more immersive format,” said Michael Kintner, 360Heros founder and CEO. “We believe this patent simply legitimizes our initial goal and what we’ve been striving to accomplish for years.”

The patent also introduces 360Heros 360CamMan file management software, which allows filmmakers to transfer, organize and optimize 360 video files from multi-camera configurations.

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