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Video Catches NY Cop Pulling Gun After Being Hit By Snowball

"The officer's story is a complete fabrication," the group's lawyer told the TV station.

Video footage has been revealed, apparently contradicting the claims of a New York Transit officer who pulled a gun on a groups of youths after being hit in the leg by a snowball.

According the story on ABC-7 in New York, the off-duty officer claimed the five males chased him down a street. The five were arrested, spent a day-and-a-half in jail and faced criminal charges.

Here’s the station’s report:

But the surveillance video shows no such chase–only the officer coming at the group, pulling his weapon, and ordering them to kneel.

“The officer’s story is a complete fabrication,” the group’s lawyer told the TV station.

The report says it took investigators three months to turn over the video, and the charges were dropped. But the youths plan to sue the city.

The incident calls to mind an incident during the Washington, D.C., blizzards of December 2009, when a Metropolitan Police Department officer pulled a gun on a crowd after his Hummer was struck by a snowball. That incident was captured on video shot by someone at the scene.

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