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Telemetrics Reaches Compatibility With Vinten Radamec

TeleGlide track system with telemetrics pan/tilt heads, the PT-LWP-S3 weatherproof pan/tilt unit and the LWP-HOU weatherproof housing can all be controlled by the Vinten Radamec HDVRC Control System.

Camera robotics and control provider Telemetrics said its TeleGlide track system with telemetrics pan/tilt heads, along with the PT-LWP-S3 weatherproof pan/tilt unit and the LWP-HOU weatherproof housing, are the first Telemetrics products able to be controlled by the Vinten Radamec HDVRC Control System.

Telemetrics CPS-LG-S legislative control software “Compatibility between Telemetrics camera robotics systems and Vinten Radamec’s control system enables broadcast and production facilities to realize substantial cost savings and efficiency by allowing them to select the solutions that best meet their needs,” said Telemetrics Vice President and General Manager Anthony Cuomo. “Telemetrics collaboration with major manufacturers provides our customers with high performance, proven technology systems that enhance overall productivity and improve studio operations.”

The PT-LWP-S3 weatherproof pan/tilt unit meets military and industry standards and features heavy duty drive blocks, cross roller bearings, worm gears and precision motors to provide a smooth range of movement.

The companion LWP-HOU weatherproof housing provides a controlled environment for the camera and lens. It has an adjustable camera platform to accommodate different sizes of cameras and lenses and a removable top cover for maximum access during installation. The TeleGlide camera track system can be used in a variety of configurations and can be floor, wall or ceiling mounted. Its dual trolley design better and more safely accommodates broadcast cameras with long lenses.

Telemetrics is also demonstrating the latest features in its CPS-LG-S legislative control. The software features customized touchscreens of the user’s legislative chambers for easy and accurate camera position for best shot selection. The popular software has the capability to automate multiple cameras per room with audio, graphics and up to 6,000 presets.

CPS-LG-S is also compatible with third party video switchers and character generators, can manage cameras from several rooms from multiple control locations and allows camera control to be easily switched from automation mode to robotics only mode.

“Use of live video broadcasts is growing rapidly at all levels of legislative activity,” said Cuomo. “Telemetrics offers a unique control solution in our Legislative Camera Control System that provides users with a broad range of choices, and the capability to configure the best and most appropriate system for their specific needs.”

The 6,000 presets includie pan, tilt, zoom, focus and track/pedestal functions as well as graphics and other video features. The presets can be called up using the individual’s name, seat number or by microphone activation as well as from the GUI by touchscreen map activation.

The system allows for 500 dynamically assignable seats per session and each seat has 16 pre-sets (eight standing, eight sitting), which are assignable to any camera.

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