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Surveillance Cams Hit Long Island Beaches

You might want to spend some time at the gym before you go.

Heading for the beach in the Long Island town of Oyster Bay, N.Y.? You might want to spend some time at the gym beforehand because this summer, you may be on camera.

Working with ADT Security Systems, the town has installed surveillance cameras in several areas including Tobay Beach, using a wireless mesh network in some areas.

Barry Bree, deputy commissioner of public safety, said the video quality of the cameras is excellent.

“We have 183 parks and parklets and seven or eight major beaches, so the time was right to install the cameras,” he said. “The world is changing and we have so many kids and families visiting our parks and beaches. Because of that we felt it was a good move and the right thing to do.”

The wireless technology allows the city to monitor areas that otherwise would be too expensive to install with wired systems, according to ADT.

Oyster Bay (pop. 300,000) is a popular Long Island destination with more than 50,000 visitors a day to local beaches in the summer. The town plans to continue installing additional cameras in new areas.