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Safety Vision Captures Flying-Tire Near-Miss

The officer hardly saw the 200-pound tire that nearly hit him head-on.

A Texas lawman missed serious injury by inches recently when a tractor-trailer tire zoomed by him—and the bizarre moment was captured on the officer’s dashboard cam system by Safety Vision.

Sgt. Matthew Davidson of the Harris County Precinct 8 Constable’s Office was helping a motorist with a flat tire on the narrow shoulder of a bridge and barely saw a second tire fly by, just nicking his side as the motorist tried to blurt out something to warn him.

Check out the video, as reported by local station KTRK (Houston):

The Safety Vision PatrolRecorder 4C RHD police car video system that captured this incident has integrated GPS mapping with speed tracking and recording, and it stores data on a removable mobile-rated hard drive.

Davidson suffered just a scuffed up holster and weapon and bruised leg.

The driver’s day, however, didn’t get any better. After replacing the tire, he went to work as was laid off, according to the news story.

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