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Polycom, Internet2 Team on Education-Business Video Collaboration Platform

E2Bconnect, as it's called, promises broad new uses of videoconferencing.

Soon, your educational and business collaborations could involve videoconferencing with Polycom tools and Internet2, the consortium developing a high-performance network for advanced applications.

Polycom and Internet2 launched E2Bconnect on Thursday (May 6), a free, online professional networking program designed to facilitate collaboration between higher education institutions and businesses using visual communications.

Application examples include:

* Education-to-Education, such as distance learning, greater interaction among academic research centers, and shared faculty training
* Education-to-Business, such as video-enabled corporate training, continuing education and executive education and mentoring programs and access to academic subject-matter experts;
* Business-to-Business, such as training and education programs.

As an example of collaboration between businesses and universities, Polycom recently piloted a virtual recruiting program with the University of Colorado, Boulder using Polycom video conferencing to interview students for annual internship positions within Polycom.

“As a human resource specialist, I am excited about the possibilities to expand our video recruitment programs through E2Bconnect,” said Jessica O’Quin, senior human resources generalist at Polycom. “In this case, UC Boulder is a current Polycom customer and already has our video technology available on campus. We were able to leverage that relationship during the hiring process for our annual internship program and offer students the flexibility to interview onsite or via video if they were under time constraints. This allowed us to interview several candidates in a short period of time while also exposing these future hires to part of what Polycom is all about.”

Polycom expects programs like video recruiting to be popular within E2Bconnect, said Marci Powell, global director for Higher Education & Training at Polycom. “It provides a cost-effective way for colleges to create valuable job placement opportunities for graduates and helps organizations attract the best and brightest talent from potentially anywhere in the world.”

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