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Miranda Infuses Routers with ‘Hybrid Switching’

Every frame can de-embed, route, and re-embed itself for up to 16 channels of audio per video input/output.

Miranda Technologies will use this week’s IBC in Amsterdam to demo its Nvision routers (8500 Enterprise Class 3Gbps/HD/SD), which feature new integral de-embedding, shuffling and re-embedding capabilities.

Miranda said its routers tap into its latest “hybrid switching technology” whereby every frame can de-embed, route, and re-embed itself for up to 16 channels of mono-audio per video input/output in a non-blocking audio/video switch.

This can be achieved, Miranda said, without affecting the router’s cross-point redundancy, cable management, or cooling design. The company said since integrating de-embedding and embedding (along with mono audio channel shuffling) within the router eliminates the need for outboard cards and inter-frame cabling, the new equipment can be easily configured for production field trucks.

The new Nvision router uses two 32 RU frames and can provide up to 1,024 video inputs/outputs — each with 16 mono audio channels, thus providing a total of 16,384 router options. The hybrid embed/de-embed cards can be “mixed and matched” with standard video cards, creating what Miranda said is a nearly infinite number of configurations.

Miranda Technologies