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Tape Becomes Strategic Imperative in Mass Storage Landscape

Value of Data Pushes Tape to Center Stage

VALHALLA, N.Y. – December 3, 2020 – The Tape Storage Council today issued its 2020 State of the Tape Industry report. The report highlights the digital data storage landscape expansion and its continuous stream of new challenges. However, the role tape serves in today’s modern data centers is expanding fast and tape momentum will increase as data growth continues on an explosive trajectory across many new applications, workloads, and in most of the hyperscale and hyperscale-lite data centers.

The economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic has touched everyone and the long-term impact remains unclear. What is clear as we enter into the post-COVID-19 digital economy will be the need for cost containment under increasing IT infrastructure and storage budget constraints. The Tape Storage Council expects a renewed focus on cost-effectively managing pre-COVID exponential data growth plus the influx of new data demand as organizations have shifted to all digital, remote and virtual work environments. This shift spans government, education, entertainment, health care and nearly every other sector.

The continuing growth of digital data and the need to preserve more diverse data types are also changing the storage landscape. Data is now being generated faster than it can be analyzed, significantly extending data retention timeframes. The archival usage model of storing and protecting vast amounts of data for indefinite periods of time is quickly evolving, and modern data tape continues to be fueled by significant technological and architectural developments. Steady advances reinforce tape’s ability to deliver the lowest cost, highest capacity, fastest data transfer rates, and most reliable digital storage medium available, with the reliability levels three orders of magnitude better than the best HDDs, making it the most cost-effective, most energy-efficient long-term storage solution available.

Highlights of the Tape Storage Council Report include:

  • Increased LTO capacity and throughput; and LTO roadmap extended to Generation 12;
  • Enterprise tape adds a new interface;
  • Media developments and the achievement of record capacity shipments;
  • The INSIC 2015-2025 Magnetic Tape Storage Roadmap projects strong future growth;
  • Tape’s growing role in hyperscale, hyperscale lite and cloud environments;
  • Tape TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Calculators; and
  • Object storage and tape combine to address archival demand.

Tape technology has made continual capacity, file access times (time to first byte) and data rate (throughput) improvements. In addition, as cybercrime and ransomware attacks continue to threaten the economic viability of large organizations as well as individuals, the tape air gap prevents cybercrime attacks and is a strong defense against malware.

Tape has become the optimal storage solution for many next-generation applications that are quickly exceeding traditional infrastructures’ capabilities. Tape addresses the storage and data security requirements for Big Data, cloud storage services, entertainment, hyperscale computing, IoT, and surveillance that are all projected to drive enormous high-value storage demand.

Continued development and investment in tape library, drive, media and data management software has effectively addressed the relentless demand for improved reliability, higher capacity, better power efficiency, ease of use and the lowest cost per GB and TCO of any storage solution.  For more information on the Tape Storage Council report go to

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About The Tape Storage Council
The Tape Storage Council includes representatives of BDT, Cozaint, Detron, Frontier BV, FUJIFILM, GazillaByte, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Imagine Products, Insurgo Media, Iron Mountain, Park Place Technologies, Oracle, Overland-Tandberg, PoINT Software & Systems, Qualstar, Quantum, REB Storage Systems, Spectra Logic, StrongBox Data Solutions, StorageDNA, SullivanStrickler, Turtle, XenData and XpresspaX. For more information, go to

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