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Sorenson Media’s End-to-End Video Solutions Enable Top Video Production Companies to Easily and Cost-Effectively Deliver Best-Quality Online Video

• Leading Video Production Firms Cimaglia Productions, TeleNext Media and Cirinelli Choose Sorenson Media for Its Industry-Best Video Quality and Encoding Expertise
• Together, Sorenson Squeeze 6 Encoding Application and Sorenson 360 Online Video Platform Provide Effective All-in-One Video Solution for Preparing, Publishing and Managing Online Video
• Easy-to-Use Sorenson Media Solutions Save Users Considerable Time and Money

SAN DIEGO (August 10, 2010) – “Of all the video encoding and publishing options we’ve explored, Sorenson Media’s are the best and easiest to use,� said Guy Cirinelli, executive producer of Cirinelli Video Productions.

The good news for Cirinelli Video Productions was that its team was fully engaged in creating videos for a global A-list of corporate clients. A leading full-service video production company, Cirinelli produces a variety of corporate videos – training, marketing, promotional/advertising, etc. – for Arco, Coca-Cola, Disney, Harley Davidson, Mattel, Nissan and other top companies.

The bad news was that the company’s inefficient and time-consuming encoding and web publishing system forced many members of the team to habitually arrive early to work and leave late in order to meet its obligations. Cirinelli needed an effective all-in-one application to replace its cumbersome system. It found the answer in Sorenson Media’s total video solutions—the gold-standard Sorenson Squeeze 6 encoding application and Sorenson 360 online video platform.

“Using Sorenson Media’s solutions has greatly reduced the amount of time I am stuck to my desk,� Cirinelli said. “Now I can set a video to compress or encode in multiple formats and let Sorenson Squeeze 6 do all the work for me, and Sorenson 360 is the most effective way to publish and manage the video online. We leave the office at a reasonable time and let the computer work overnight.�

Cirinelli is one of a large and growing number of leading video publishers that use Sorenson Media’s video solutions to control every aspect of developing, publishing and managing online video content. Together, the industry-leading Sorenson Squeeze 6 encoding application and the Sorenson 360 online video platform enable users to efficiently and seamlessly compress, encode, publish, review & approve, organize and manage videos. Sorenson Media’s solutions increase customers’ profit margins by streamlining the video encoding and publishing processes, significantly reducing time and cost requirements while maintaining the highest video quality possible.

Another leading full-service production agency, TeleNext Media, used Sorenson Media solutions to quickly convert video clips recorded in a plethora of different formats into a single, cohesive online video experience. TeleNext Media, which has produced 20 different daytime serials since 1933 – including the Emmy Award-winning serials As the World Turns and Guiding Light – needed to quickly encode a large number of video clips from the 2010 People’s Choice Awards into a single, unified format for the site. TeleNext chose Sorenson Squeeze 6 for its intelligent encoding presets and user-friendly interface.

“Sorenson Squeeze 6 has allowed our team to deliver a quality product to our customers in both a timely and cost-effective manner – the results we achieved far exceeded our expectations,� said Janet Morrison, senior producer of TeleNext Media. “Most of our team was able to figure out the program within 10 or 15 minutes, which allowed us to get our clips encoded and up on the site ahead of our initial schedule. We still use the software because we are impressed with the way Sorenson Media continually improves its product, always staying on top of technological trends in video encoding.�

The Emmy Award-winning team at Cimaglia Productions uses Sorenson 360 as a platform to host educational and marketing videos online for such high-profile clients as OptionsXpress and uses the platform’s review and approval functionality with Sorenson Squeeze for its work with Allstate Insurance. The company, which creates national television, commercial, corporate, online and interactive content in the rigorous, high-octane world of video production, needed a single video format that would enable viewing of its diverse content on multiple platforms – including desktops, notebooks and mobile devices.

Cimaglia chose Sorenson Media for its industry-best quality – because the company shoots and edits in high definition, the encoded videos need to maintain the quality of the original images – as well as Sorenson’s professional viewing platform and seamless integration with Avid.

“Sorenson 360 provides our clients with the most professional viewing platform available, and the direct integration with Avid using Sorenson Media’s encoding tools allows us to have a seamless, high-quality digital workflow,â€? said Matthew Cimaglia, CEO and senior editor of Cimaglia Productions. “Sorenson Media plays a key role in helping us keep our core promise of elevating our clients’ web presence to the next level of sophistication, through both information and technology.â€?

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