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Scharff Weisberg Helps EventQuest Celebrate Old Navy’s New Branding At Fashion Week

Old Navy marked its rebranding at Fashion Week in New York City with a gala evening at Eyebeam featuring innovative video technology from Scharff Weisberg. About 500 invited guests were in attendance.

“Old Navy was coming out of the gate with a new image, and we were charged with immersing people in the new brand,â€? says Mark Veder, President at EventQuest which, produced the event. “I’m a big fan of using new and emerging technology so, with Scharff Weisberg’s help, we created a media-filled entrance tunnel that directed people to the event. The media moved with them generating energy, giving them a peek at the new feel of Old Navy and ushering them to a 10×24-foot seamless plasma wall.â€?

Scharff Weisberg crafted the screen installation in experiential tunnel, lining each side with nine plasma screens in a seamless horizontal configuration. The media content was controlled by Dataton WATCHOUT.

The tunnel terminated in a large plasma wall, also created by Scharff Weisberg, comprised of 32 seamless plasma screens in a 4×8 configuration measuring 10 feet high by 24 feet wide. It displayed graphic content featuring the names of invitees and advertisers in text and logos illustrating the event’s theme of “You are ON (Old Navy’s new logo) the list.â€? This EventQuest created content was controlled by Scharff Weisberg-supplied Hippotizer video servers and grandMA consoles.

Once out of the tunnel and past the big screen, guests had a number of options for exploring Old Navy’s new branding. Separate mannequin areas, showcasing apparel for each of the four seasons, were topped with projection areas where Christie HD8K projectors from Scharff Weisberg displayed images of additional clothing; Hippotizer and grandMA systems controlled the content. A pair of 50-inch plasma screens also supported an interactive kiosk in this area.

An interactive area featured another big wall showing a live feed of guests walking through the experiential tunnel switched with the work of a sketch artist capturing action at the event. Two Barco R6+ projectors from Scharff Weisberg fed the wall.

Additionally, a large stage area where Natasha Bedingfield performed was flanked by projection screens displaying graphics of the new ON branding fed through a pair of Barco R6+ projectors on each screen.

Scharff Weisberg also provided lighting designer Ben Stanton of The Stanton Collaborative, Inc. with a lighting package of VARI*LITE 2500 spots and Color Kinetic Color Blaze LEDs to enhance the venue.

“Scharff Weisberg did a great job,� reports Eventquest’s Veder. “Typically, when we have challenging technical creative I turn to Scharff Weisberg to execute it. I know that no matter how tough it gets, we’ll figure it out together and pull it off in the end.�

Josh Perlman was Scharff Weisberg’s Video project manager for the event, along with Juan Mateo, Paul Clements and a number of freelance technicians. Terry Jackson served as senior rental manager for the Lighting portion. Lars Pedersen, Randy Briggs, Faith Yaldiz and Joshua Fleitel supported the programming and technology portion. Walter Elzey is the Senior Account Executive for the project, and provided oversight and coordination between the SWI video and lighting teams.

Scharff Weisberg and Video Applications, firms with extensive histories in the presentation and staging markets, recently announced a co-ownership agreement. While continuing to operate independently the two companies work together strategically to provide clients with state-of-the-art audio, video and lighting equipment and services. With a strong presence on both coasts Scharff Weisberg and Video Applications are able to deliver a large array of cost-effective services on a national level. For more information, call 718-610-1660 or visit our website at

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