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ProShow Producer3 compatible animations from

Los Angeles, CA and Newcastle, UK, Nov 2, 2007 — ShowStoppersFX announces versions optimized for use in ProShow Producer3 of their popular “Wedding Collection Special Editionâ€?, “Wedding Titles Collectionâ€?, “CoolCutsâ€? and “Editing Essentials Collectionâ€? video animation products.

Now users of ProShow Producer3 can easily set themselves apart from the competition by adding a “touch of magic� to their slide show productions with ShowStoppersFX motion backgrounds, animated Picture-in-Picture overlays, animated lower thirds, particle and pyro special effect animations and our popular and unique write-on animated titles.

These animations are ready for instant use in ProShow Producer 3 and do not require the user to learn a complicated conversion program.

Alpha channel (transparency) information is built into our “optimized for ProShow Producer3� animations yielding superior results as compared to the chroma keying method suggested by some other suppliers of animations.

The 8 bit alpha channel (256 possible levels of transparency) makes possible smooth partial transparency in ProShow Producer3 on a pixel by pixel and frame by frame basis. This allows the animations to have variable transparency, soft edges, partly transparent drop shadows, smooth curves on text and smooth outlines on Picture-in-Picture effects.

An easy to follow “Tips Guide� in printable Acrobat pdf format that shows how to use the animations in ProShow Producer3 is included.

Finally there is a built in “Viewer System� on all of our “Optimized for ProShow Producer3� products. This “viewer� allows you to browse all the supplied animations in a movie window, perfect for choosing which animations you want to use at any given time.

For more information, demo movies and preview movies of all the animations optimized for use in ProShow Producer3 visit:

For more information about the entire line of Wedding, Event and Corporate video animations offered by visit:

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About is owned by Innovative Video Services of Los Angeles, CA and Valley Digital Video of Newcastle, U.K.. Both companies are privately held with their owners being directly involved in producing wedding, event, personal and corporate videos, plus broadcast TV shows, 30 second spots and web sites.

To meet the need for high quality yet affordable video animations for their own video productions Innovative Video Services and Valley Digital Video joined forces to develop the ShowStoppersFX series of video animations.

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