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PMcD Design Creates Original Show Branding/Promo Campaign For Fox Reality Channel

Design House Incorporates ‘Pixelation’ Concept To Network’s First Major Branding Campaign For Original Programming

NEW YORK, NY – If you’re a fan of reality television, then you’ve no-doubt seen pixelation — the technique networks often use to hide questionable content. Award-winning design house

PMcD Design

, part of the transmedia branding and design group


, has referenced that technique to create a comprehensive branding and promotional tool for Fox Reality Channel’s original programming.

“Since their programming is extremely varied — everything from American Idol Extra to Solitary, an endurance-based reality show,”

Patrick McDonough

says. “Creatively it was crucial that we address the RFP to find a way to connect all of these shows and brand them as Fox Reality Channel Originals, as well as provide a visual toolkit”

Brilliant in its simplicity, the pixelation concept represents one of Fox Reality Channel’s largest strategic branding efforts to date, giving them a truly identifiable look for their original content that, according to

Lorey Zlotnick

, Senior VP of Marketing and On-Air Promotions for Fox Reality, will serve as the visual core for network originals. .

“In order to create a sense of environment and link all these shows together, we needed to create a branding campaign with an umbrella look to pull the wide depth and breadth of our original programming together,” Zlotnick said. “With so many challenges including a wide range of viewing options, program repurposing where viewers can see the same show on a variety of networks and new ways to consume media; it was essential to create a graphic package that truly interacts with our content and we can own. The pixel package does just that and more and if viewers watch closely, they will get some additional visual surprises.

PMcD Design Creative Director

Josh Lynne

initially conceived the pixilation concept, recognizing it as a constant visual element seen in most reality shows. And, thanks to its reveal/conceal nature, it opened a lot of creative doors, providing a seemingly infinite number of ways to incorporate it into the network’s on-air look.

“Pixelation is prevalent in most reality shows, but we took it further by adding different elements and intricately weaving it into an overall look,” Lynne said. “We took something pretty rudimentary and took it to artistic levels.”

Since the package’s launching with the new season of the show Solitary for on air, print and digital, the network has called on PMcD Design to adapt the look for other network projects.


PMcD Design is a New York-based, full-service design company. PMcD specializes in all aspects of broadcast, and print design as well as production for the entertainment industry. Clients include ABC, NBC, ESPN, National Geographic, Starz, Encore, PBS and WNET. PMcD Design is part of LORI PATE+, a transmedia branding and design group. For further information, please contact Lori Pate by visiting



Fox Reality Channel launched in May 2005, to become the premier destination for lovers of unscripted programming. Fox Reality Channel is the only all-reality, all-the-time cable and satellite network featuring compelling original programming and network favorites. Fox Reality Channel is available in nearly 50 million homes and can be accessed via broadband, mobile devices and other digital platforms such as iTunesÆ (excluding “American Idol Extra”). For more information on Fox Reality Channel programs and schedules, please visit



LORI PATE+ represents the top branding, promotion, design, interactive and production professionals in the broadcast, cable and evolving media industries. Experienced and innovative, LORI PATE+ connects clients to its members to produce effective media branding solutions.


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Client: Fox Reality Channel

Project: Originals Branding/Promotion Package/Solitary Promo Campaign
SVP, Consumer Marketing & On-Air Promotion: Lorey Zlotnick
Director, On-Air Promotion: Ruth Schiller

Design: PMcD Design, New York

Creative Director: Patrick McDonough
Executive Producer: Dana K. Bonomo
Designer: Josh Lynne
Producer: Alison Cole
Lead Animator: Alex Gasowski
Animator: Travis Blain
Toolkit Coordination: Genevieve Manion
Writer/Producer: Ellen Davis (Solitary Promo Campaign)
Editor: Damian Ziemkowski (Solitary Promo Campaign)

Audio Post: SoundHound NYC

Engineer: James Von Buelow