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Pixeldust Studios Expands Bethesda, MD, Headquarters: New Projects Include Animations for Discovery Channel, TLC, History Channel and National Geographic Channel

Bethesda, MD, October 20, 2010 – Pixeldust Studios, a multi-award winning digital animation and broadcast design studio, has recently moved its Bethesda, MD, headquarters into a newly designed and larger office space. Ricardo Andrade, President and Creative Director, Pixeldust Studios, made the announcement. (Photo at right)

Concurrent with the move, Pixeldust, now located within a six-thousand square foot, state-of-the-art facility, has also added over 200 terabytes of additional digital storage capability. The company, which employs 25 people in Bethesda, also features four edit rooms and a data ingestion room, and has expanded its render farm to 300 cores. Pixeldust’s new fiber connected Internet pipeline offers a symmetrical 50MB throughput.

Most recently, Pixeldust Studios has provided digital animations and motion graphics for several high profile TV series, including “American Loggers� and “Powering the Future� for the Discovery Channel; “Hoarding: Buried Alive� and “DC Cupcakes� for TLC; “Modern Marvels� for the History Channel; and “Border Wars,� “Dangerous Encounters,� “Explorer: Can the Gulf Survive?� and “Monsterfish� for the National Geographic Channel. Pixeldust also contributed its creative efforts to numerous episodes of production company NHNZ’s program, “Jurassic CSI.�

Says Mr. Andrade, “We were fortunate to have the opportunity to consolidate our office space, which had been spread out, by now placing everyone under the same roof. This greatly improves our work flow process, communication and overall artist collaboration, all of which benefits our clients. Our new facility also allows us room for expansion, so that we can add staff and equipment in the future, to help facilitate additional – and larger – projects.�

Pixeldust Studios’ new location is 4330 East-West Highway, Suite # 350, Bethesda, MD, 20814. The phone is 301/656-0050.


Pixeldust Studios is an Emmy and Telly Award winning digital animation and broadcast design studio with the technical, creative and production capabilities to create innovative animations and motion graphic design for major broadcast and cable television clients. The company, which has delivered hundreds of hours of broadcast animation to its clients, specializes in combining proprietary techniques with world-class creative talent to develop character animation, visual effects, motion graphics, and digitally animated sequences seen within television series, specials, mini-series, documentaries, docu-dramas, and reality programming, as well as within on-air promotional campaigns.

Founded in 2004 by Creative Director Ricardo Andrade, Pixeldust Studios is based in Bethesda, MD (in the Greater Washington, D.C., area) and in New York City. Andrade, a multi-award winning designer, and his company are highly regarded for their work on behalf of such prestigious clients as Discovery Channel, Discovery Health Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Military Channel, National Geographic Channel, National Geographic Television, NBC News, PBS, A&E, History Channel, NOVA, National Geographic International, NHNZ, Speed Channel, True TV, “Frontline,� Spike and the Smithsonian Network.

Pixeldust Studios is headquartered at 4330 East-West Highway, Suite # 350, Bethesda, MD, 20814. The phone is 301/656-0050. The company’s Manhattan office is located at 584 Broadway, Suite # 612, NY, NY 10012, and the phone is 646/476-2053. For more info, please see: