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Mirada Wins Top Awards for VR Experiences at Digital Hollywood

Los Angeles, CA (October 26, 2015) – At the Digital Hollywood conference in Los Angeles last week, Mirada received two awards for its recent groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) projects. “Google Shop at Currys VR Tour” was named the Best in Mobile VR, and “The Strain” VR experience received the award for Best VR Based on Cinematic and Television Experience.

“Google Shop at Currys VR Tour” launched in April 2015 as the first official app for Google Cardboard, and introduces viewers to a Google retail store before it opens to the public. Viewers can navigate the environment via head positioning and interact with pop-up icons for an engaging and intimate experience. For “The Strain” VR experience, viewers follow the character Vasiliy Fet on an immersive 360-degree journey through an abandoned warehouse filled with threatening vampires. Mirada’s customized platform also enabled real-time effects and spatial audio.

Mirada, a leading content studio known for both creative and technical innovation, launched its VR/AR unit two years ago. Mirada’s professional-grade VR pipeline and capabilities drive immersive storytelling with 360-degree filmmaking, spherical CG, visual effects, dimensionalized audio, real-time rendering, interactivity, and customized app creation.

“We’re excited about what Mirada is doing in the VR space, and it’s an honor to be recognized by Digital Hollywood for these projects,” said Mirada President, John Fragomeni. “We’ve got a world-class team and have built out a robust pipeline that can take on any variety of VR project, in fact we just finished an all CG interactive VR experience for GE. As a studio we highly value both storytelling and technology, so the possibilities for this medium are limitless right now. It’s a very interesting and inspiring time to be in this space.”

About Mirada

Mirada is a studio designed for storytellers. Founded by filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, Mirada is equal parts design studio; VFX, animation and VR facility; creative & technology incubator; development and production company. Mirada opened in 2010 with narrative tradition at its heart and technological innovation as its engine.

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