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Marquis Unveils Upgrades for Parking and Bridging Sequence Utilities for Apple and Avid Workflows at NAB 2011

Improved Edit Sequence and Media Interchange Increases Flexibility and Reduces Overheads in Digital Post and Broadcasting Workflows

Las Vegas, NV, April 11, 2011: Marquis Broadcast, specialist in content workflows and media integration software, is unveiling Version 2.0 of Parking Sequence Mover and Bridging Sequence Converter at NAB 2011. These major upgrades feature new functionality for mixed Avid and Apple workflows, making Parking and Bridging highly compelling utilities for a wider range of post-production and broadcast editing environments.

Parking Sequence Mover V2.0 for Apple and Avid Edit Workflows

Marquis is demonstrating Parking Sequence Mover for the first time at NAB 2011 with support for Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD and Interplay. This new functionality enables operators to more easily use Avid and Apple editing systems in the same creative environment, moving content to common low-cost storage in background mode with no disruption to work in progress. By facilitating the use of best of breed products in a single workflow, Parking also gives more freedom to facility managers when scheduling manpower and equipment resources.

“Parking provides a simple way of performing a critical task,� said Jason Danielson, Vice President, Americas, Marquis Broadcast. “Transferring entire sequences out of oversubscribed edit storage makes a real difference to workflow efficiency. The addition of ProRes, DNxHD and Interplay support now allows Avid and Apple editors to leverage Parking for long-form post production.�

Another major new feature of Parking Sequence Mover V2.0 is the option to automatically verify sequence content prior to moving it to storage. This new ‘pre-flight check-list’ saves time by generating reports of actual and potential issues, enabling operators to instantly locate the affected media.

Parking is particularly relevant for HD production which requires approximately four times the storage capacity of SD editing. By freeing up existing edit storage, Parking reduces the need to purchase additional expensive storage, thereby helping customers to keep within budget constraints. Parking can also be used for disaster recovery procedures, for transferring sequences between editors for tasks such as versioning or repurposing media, and for enabling editors in different geographical locations to collaborate on work in progress. Essence and edit decisions are kept together in an open file, allowing editing to be resumed at any time in the future without any need to re-ingest and conform media whether it is days, weeks or months after the initial edit has finished. In addition to supporting ProRes and DNxHD, Parking can be used for workflows using JFIF and XDCAM HD. Support for Avid on Mac platforms is also provided.

Three of Marquis’ storage technology partners are demonstrating Parking at NAB 2011: Isilon [#SL11614] is showing Parking integrated with next-generation EMC Isilon scale-out NAS hardware and software platforms enabling Avid and Final Cut Pro edit workflows: Cache-A [#SL8209] is showing Parking integrated with its Pro-Cache5 network-attached archive appliance, enabling users to easily archive using the industry standard Linear Tape File Systems (LTFS) format on LTO-5 media; and Rorke Data [#SL9126] is also showing Parking in its booth.

Bridging Sequence Converter V2.0 for Mixed Apple and Avid Edit Workflows

Marquis is highlighting Avid Interplay support as a new feature for its Bridging Sequence Converter V2.0 at NAB 2011. This added functionality improves media management for Interplay Clients by allowing them to initiate and automatically register restored content entering the production system. Bridging enables Apple and Avid operators to exchange sequences by simply dropping them from one timeline into the other. Media and timeline structures are moved as background operations, and converted on the fly. Facility managers benefit from improved flexibility when organizing projects and allocating resources as Avid and Apple systems can be easily integrated into a single workflow.

Medway Workflow Demonstrated at NAB 2011

Marquis’ flagship media transfer and format conversion software, Medway, is being demonstrated at the show. Installed in broadcasting workflows worldwide, Medway provides video file format rewrapping, video codec transcoding, audio channel routing and metadata interchange between media production, MAM and distribution systems. Harmonic [#SL2005] is featuring Medway in its booth demonstrations to highlight the ease with which operators can transfer EDLs between Avid editing systems and Omneon ProBrowse proxy systems using Medway as the media highway between the two systems. Similar workflows featuring Medway will also be demonstrated by Dalet [#SL6014].

Parking and Bridging V2.0 and Medway are being demonstrated during NAB show hours in Marquis’ private suite at Residence Inn, 3225 Paradise Road, opposite the Las Vegas Convention Center. Appointments can be made via the company’s website.

Product Availability

Parking Sequence Mover V2.0 and Bridging Sequence Converter V2.0 are available from April 2011. All products are available from Marquis Broadcast and its worldwide network of business partners.


About Marquis Broadcast

Founded in 1998, Marquis Broadcast provides a range of media integration products designed for the data-intensive and challenging requirements of today’s fast-paced post-production and broadcasting environments, enabling digital media professionals to achieve maximum efficiencies from their workflow processes. The company is also experienced in the integration of an extensive range of post-production and broadcast systems and devices, creating powerful workflows via Medway, its widely installed interoperability engine, and its new Parking and Bridging workflow utilities.