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Leading New York Post Houses Choose Cache-A Archive Appliances To Safeguard Content

Morgan Hill, Calif., March 10, 2011

– Faced with preserving and protecting the massive amounts of data they generate daily, many leading New York post houses are increasingly choosing Cache-A’s archive appliances. Cache-A’s complete product line – including the Pro-Cache5 and Pro-Cache Library24/Library48 – is designed to meet the need for safe, reliable and cost-effective content archiving, access and interchange.

Some of the facilities in New York that have chosen


for their content archiving needs include Anatomy Media, IKA Collective, Nice Shoes, Nomad Editing, Offhollywood Productions, PennyBridge Productions and Stitch Motion Graphics.

“We are delighted that so many leading post-production facilities in New York are embracing Cache-A’s archive appliances to enhance their file-based workflows,� said Phil Ritti, President and CEO of Cache-A Corporation. “They are using our archive appliances to create source masters in acquisition workflows that include memory card or disk-based cameras. At the same time, they get the benefit of long-term archival storage that gives them fast, easy access to their content assets at every stage of production.�

Here is a look at some of these facilities’ notable clients and projects:
• Anatomy Media: Bravo, Discovery Channel, FX, NBC Universal, Science Channel
• IKA Collective: Showtime, Trojans
• Nice Shoes: CK Envy, Givenchy, NFL, UPS, Kanye West’s “Power� video
• Nomad Editing: Apple, Gillette, Pepsi, TD Bank, Visa
• Offhollywood Productions: Armani Exchange, Fair Game, Rabbit Hole
• PennyBridge Productions: MasterCard, Pfizer, T-Mobile, UBS, Verizon
• Stitch Motion Graphics: Mountain Dew, MTV, The New School, Sports Illustrated

The Pro-Cache Product Family

The most cost-effective way to manage multiple terabytes of archived data in a professional media environment, Cache-A’s Pro-Cache5 offers many of the advanced on-set and in-studio features demanded by today’s media industry professionals for content archiving, interchange and access. Pro-Cache5 takes advantage of next generation technology to offer 1.5 terabytes (TB) of storage per LTO-5 cartridge, while also providing significantly faster archiving speeds. It writes data on low-cost, secure, portable, interchangeable and IT industry-standard LTO-5 tape cartridges using the standard “tar� format, and the archive life is 30 years.

Now, to simplify the archiving of large projects, the new Pro-Cache Library24/Library48 works with both Pro-Cache5 and Pro-Cache4 models to automate archival workflows and provide the ultimate in dual drive system flexibility. Two LTO drives means concurrent access to both Pro-Cache Library24/Library48 and Pro-Cache5 shelf-stored tape volumes for twice the archiving power. The Pro-Cache Library24 provides 36 TB of near-line storage, while the Library48 provides 72 TB of near-line storage.

About Cache-A Corporation

Cache-A is a leading supplier of network-attached archive appliances for the digital film, broadcast and professional video industries. Cache-A’s archive appliances provide source masters for digital acquisition and project archives, using low-cost and easy-to-deploy appliances based on industry standard LTO tape.


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