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At IBC 2015 MultiDyne Extends RF Signals Over Fiber With AntennaLink

Distributing RF signals just got a whole lot easier and more cost effective.

Hauppauge, NY, September 11-15, 2015—At the IBC 2015 Show in Amsterdam (Stand 9.D40), MultiDyne© Video & Fiber Optic Systems, a leader in fiber-optic signal transport, will introduce AntennaLink, a new way to extend the distance audio and video signals can travel over a single mode fiber cable without degradation. With it, users can easily move wireless RF signals (audio, video, data) over fiber optic cable for connecting wireless microphones and other products with RF antennas with control rooms, network operation centers or broadcast head ends.

The new AntennaLink system is part of MultiDyne’s companywide “Fiber First” initiative that will spotlight a range of new and existing products that leverage the convenience and performance benefits of moving audio, video and communications signals over fiber-optic cable.

“AntennaLink is a cost effective, technically superior installation for anyone working in challenging cabling installations with inherent distance limitations,” said Frank Jachetta, President of MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems. “In addition, MultiDyne AntennaLinks have ultra wide dynamic range so that auto gain control is not required to cope with changing signal intensity caused by a variety of RF conditions. We think this product addresses a number of applications where moving RF signals is problematic and we expect broadcasters and anyone moving video over fiber to embrace it, as some already have.”

A major U.S. broadcaster is now using AntennaLink to move signals between its studios. Far more than just an alternative to coaxial cabling, the MultiDyne AntennaLink is a set of two compact wireless RF-to-optical fiber signal conversion modules (TX and RX) for long- and short-haul applications. It’s housed in a standard 1/3-rack enclosure that takes power from either a 12V brick adapter or any DC battery source that outputs from 9 to 24 volts.

AntennaLink uses a high performance DFB laser, but for less demanding short haul applications, a lower-cost FP laser option is available. This results in a very low carrier-to-noise ratio and extremely linear performance.

Completely customizable, MultiDyne offers a wide range of options within the AntennaLink series to accommodate a variety of installations, such as 75 Ohm or 50 Ohm impedance versions with either BNC or F connectors. For installations where the number of cross site fiber connections is limited, a complete ITU range of CWDM transmitter wavelengths is available, allowing up to eight channels to be carried on one fiber. Optical connector options include ST, LC, FC, or LC APC. Angle-polished connectors are strongly recommended.

The AntennaLink can be used separately or conveniently rack mounted three across in a one RU enclosure in a machine room with the MultiDyne RMT Rack Mount Kit, or as needed inside a rugged MultiDyne LightBox or LightCube field enclosure.

“The AntennaLink represents a new way to think about how you move your RF signals,’ Jachetta said. “Moving your RF receiver within close range is no longer required and elegance of operation is a given. Simply plug in antenna and fiber cable and MultiDyne’s AntennaLink does the rest.”

Unique features include a high-performance DFB laser, ultra wide dynamic range, compact 1/3-rack DC-powered enclosure, very low carrier-to-noise ratio and extremely linear performance. The AntennaLink can be ordered in a range of CWDM transmitter wavelengths and with several optical connector options.

The new AntennaLink will be available in Q1 of 2016.

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