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FotoKem Budapest Puts SCANITY Film Scanner and Bones Dailies Software at the Heart of New Post Facility

DFT Digital Film Technology, provider of high-end film and digital post production solutions that preserve, manage, and deliver your pictures, announces that FotoKem Budapest has taken delivery of a SCANITY film scanner and 2-seat Bones Dailies software.

In 2009, FotoKem Budapest, Raleigh Studios, and Origo Film Group formed a strategic alliance to establish and operate a state-of-the-art studio servicing the global filmmakers and the European motion picture market. The Origo Film Group complex named “Raleigh Studios Budapest� is a full service provider including; sound stages, set and location lighting, production services, casting, training and legal services as well as a 15-acre backlot.

The studio also includes a film lab and post production facility run by FotoKem Budapest that has been outfitted with high-end 2K/4K scanning, digital intermediate and finishing solutions including DFT Digital Film Technology’s SCANITY film scanner and BONES Dailies software. The 52-acre complex is scheduled to open in April, 2010.

FotoKem Budapest is offering 16mm and 35mm negative processing, as well as 2K and 4K dailies services for feature films and commercial shoots. To support these workflows, FotoKem has incorporated the SCANITY film scanner and Bones Dailies software into its new post production facility.

The combined SCANITY and BONES Dailies software solution enables scanned data to be delivered to any location in the world using a high-speed dedicated network. Bones Dailies is a comprehensive set of post production software tools, which provide a variety of editing and auto-conform functions, format conversion, as well as data and video transfer for dailies and digital intermediate workflows. When used with SCANITY, Bones Dailies helps streamline the post production process greatly improving overall time and efficiency.

“The versatility of SCANITY and Bones Dailies will help us deliver our dailies and digital intermediates on-time and on budget,� comments Allan Tudzin, Managing Director of FotoKem Budapest. “This is a first film scanner of its kind to be installed in Central and Eastern Europe and we are extremely excited to be the forerunner in our market.�

Scanning on the SCANITY is accomplished in the smoothest way possible as no moving parts, except the film rollers, touch the film. Optical pin registration ensures an image stability that is comparable with mechanical systems yet allows for much faster scanning speeds and safe film handling. SCANITY utilizes a customized TDI (Time Delay Integration) sensor from Dalsa to capture the complete densities from film with a sensitivity of 50 times higher than CCD technology.

“The advanced technology of SCANITY will help us expedite our video and data deliverables to studio executives, producers, and crew very quickly—and with the same quality that one would expect from our post facility in Hollywood,� continued Tudzin. “SCANITY allows us to specifically tailor workflows to the needs of our clients, which we are certain they will be pleased with.�

“The added value that SCANITY provides us is a pleasant surprise,� adds Gabor Varga, CEO of the Origo Film Group. “The variety of functions this scanner performs is amazing, and to be the first in our region to have one is a big boost to our post production facility.�

“The companies involved with the Origo Film Group have been long recognized as technology and service leaders in the production and post production market, and all of us at DFT are thrilled to be a part of such a historic large-scale project,� comments Stefan Kramper, Managing Director of DFT Digital Film Technology.