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Divergent Media Partners with Pomfort to Integrate ScopeBox with the Newest Version of Silverstack XT 5.1

ScopeBox Adds Full Time Scopes to Silverstack XT 5.1 with No Additional Hardware Needed

Divergent Media ( today announced it has partnered with Pomfort ( to integrate ScopeBox with its newest version of Silverstack XT. SilverStack is Pomfort’s signature media management software that has earned a reputation in the filmmaking community for its ability to facilitate and accelerate the film production workflow.

With this announcement, Silverstack XT newest version 5.1 integrates with Divergent Media’s ScopeBox application, which offers a variety of software emulations of classical video scopes, including waveform and vectorscope, plus new ways to visualize video signals. Combined with ScopeBox, Silverstack XT now enables filmmakers with dedicated, full time scopes without the need for external hardware

Patrick Renner, CEO of Pomfort added, “When we started talking about the integration of ScopeBox for the first time, it became immediately clear how valuable it would be to have professional scopes and waveforms directly integrated into Silverstack’s QC workflow. This integration is a big win for both of our customers.”

Pomfort’s Silverstack XT version 5.1 featuring ScopeBox integration is available immediately, and is priced at $599.00 USD for an annual subscription. For more information on Silverstack, please visit  For more information on Divergent Media and ScopeBox, please visit

About Pomfort

For more than 7 years, Pomfort has developed software solutions for professional film productions. Pomfort specializes in developing high-quality and cost-effective software products for file- based camera workflows. Customers in more than 70 countries work with Pomfort’s innovative products. From film set to post production, Pomfort enables cinematographers, camera assistants, DITs and other technicians to maintain control over the organization of movie data and the creation of camera looks. Pomfort is internationally renowned for its products Silverstack and LiveGrade Pro.

About Divergent Media

Divergent Media is an independent software company focused on providing flexible tools for monitoring, quality assurance, and acquisition for the video production industry. We’re also a small team of filmmakers and editors who are passionate about the creative, we love the gear, but we hated the workflow. So we developed EditReady and ScopeBox. To learn more, please visit or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.