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The Cortez Brothers Expands Directorial Roster With The Clyde Brothers & Esteban Sapir

The Cortez Brothers, an LA-based global production company specializing in offshore shooting, continues its growth streak with the addition of The Clyde Brothers and Esteban Sapir for US representation.

The Clyde Brothers

Esteban Sapir

“We just like the Clyde Brothers,” says executive producer Ed Rivero. “Their reel is fantastic, but so is their comedic timing when they’re in a room together. We obviously have an affinity for brothers, but even more so when they get along so well together before, during and after the filming process. They’re a dedicated duo in every sense of the term. I’ve been following Esteban’s career for a long time, and I’ve always been a big fan. His amazing capacity for visual storytelling is well known. It’s an honor and a pleasure to finally have him on board with us. He’s a great addition to our roster.”

To view the Clyde Brothers’ reel:

To view Esteban Sapir’s reel:

For Rob & Benjamin Clyde of the Clyde Brothers, their love for filmmaking began at a young age, when they learned to connect with people through great storytelling. The duo creates, writes and directs everything from comedic commercials and branded entertainment to dramatic films and documentaries. Recent clients include Microsoft, Toshiba, Audi, Xbox, Symantec, Sun America, Adobe, NASA, CenterPoint Energy and Mattel Children’s Hospital, among others.

In 2010, the two directed the short documentary “Nurses for Africa,” which debuted at the Dances with Films Festival in Los Angeles and the Athena Film Festival in New York City. A television version of the film also aired on broadcast and cable networks in more than 50 million homes nationwide. The Clyde Brothers are currently in development on their first feature film, “If I Could Tell You,” as well as numerous web and television originals.

“We like to say Cortez Brothers actually means Clyde Brothers in Spanish,” jokes Rob Clyde. “The future of commercials is international, and their deep-rooted connection to that diverse market is a huge attraction for us. We feel we’re a perfect fit for their roster, rounding it out with our work in original content, slice-of-life narratives and projects that make us laugh. As writers and directors, we like to put our mark on a project early. It’s really fun for us.”

“We love their team,” adds Ben Clyde. “We come from a big family of five kids, and much of our material is inspired by our relationships. Cortez very much operates in the same way; they have open communication, are family-oriented, and just seem like real people to us. We know we’re in good hands with them. They’re like our big brothers, excited to bring us to the party now.”

One of Argentina’s most prolific and award-winning filmmakers, Esteban Sapir is an all-around director extraordinaire. Sapir got his start as a cinematographer winning accolades along the way and working with some of the best directors, including Pucho Mentasti, Lucho Bender, and Marcelo Schejtman. In 1994, his first feature, “Picado Fino,” earned him special mentions and awards from festivals in Berlin, Havana, Montreal and Montevideo. He has directed over 300 commercials, video mappings and short films for international agencies and clients since 1999. Notable projects include campaigns for Unilever, Peugeot, Budweiser, Pepsi, Ford and Visa, as well as documentary projects for singer Shakira and Sony Music International.

“What attracted me to the Cortez Brothers is, first of all, the honesty and warmth of how they interact and communicate with people,” concludes Sapir. “That, together with their continued growth as a company building on their many years of experience in the market. I think it’s a good fit for me because, in addition to their fantastic staff and excellent directors on their roster, they don’t have another director with the visual style and narrative approach that I specialize in. The diversity of this company is what lured me and made me think that I could bring a new, distinct director’s point-of-view.”

About The Cortez Brothers:

A Los Angeles-based global production company specializing in offshore shooting, The Cortez Brothers has become a lightning rod for the worlds of entertainment and advertising, melding Hispanic/Latino culture and mainstream American sensibilities.

Founded in 2006, it brings bilingual, international talent under one roof, combining the forces of directors, writers and producers who are equally at home speaking English or Spanish. The Cortez Brothers produces a wide range of projects from feature films and television series to webisodes and commercials.

Recent clients include AT&T, Chevy, Coca-Cola, Dodge, Ford, Home Depot, McDonald’s, Pontiac, Procter & Gamble, Toyota, Verizon and Allstate. The Cortez Brothers is one of the only woman- and minority-owned production companies in the entire US.