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Cinedeck launches breakthrough modular worlflow with Cinedeck ZX at IBC 2014 (Hall 7.J07)

Cinedeck ZX delivers cost-effective custom-build of fast camera-to-post workflows

Cinedeck (, pioneering developer of capture systems for digital cinema, broadcast and post production, will launch Cinedeck ZX, a breakthrough, modular 4K/UHDTV-1/HD/SD platform, that allows users to cost-effectively custom-build fast camera-to-post workflows for a wide range of digital cinema and broadcast applications, at IBC 2014, Amsterdam, 12-16 September (Hall7.J07).

This brand new addition to Cinedeck’s family of record, ingest and transcode platforms, ushers in an enterprising new approach to workflow with a lower cost of entry. Cinedeck ZX comes in three fast hardware options to which a range of Cinedeck-developed plug-in workflow packages can be easily added, enabling the custom-building of pipeline capabilities.

With Cinedeck ZX, users simply select the plug-in workflow packages they need to meet their particular 4K, UHDTV-1, HD and SD workflow requirements. This modular approach means they avoid forklift upgrades and the financial outlay on unused functions, but have the advantage of being able to add extra capabilities when workflows change.

The rack-mount Cinedeck ZX is based on the robust technology footprint of Cinedeck’s flagship MX system, and was developed in response to market requests for easy-to-use, lower-priced systems. 

Starting at $21,995 USD, the base level Cinedeck ZX20 provides two channels of 2K, HD or SD, with optional 4K playback. The mid-level Cinedeck ZX40 provides more processing power to deliver four channels of 2K, HD or SD, and, when fully-loaded with plug-in packages, is equivalent to the 4K-capable Cinedeck MX. The turbo-level Cinedeck ZX45 adds even greater processing power to support 4K and UHDTV-1 at 60P and four channels of 2K, HD or SD at 60P, including visually lossless JPEG2000.

As part of Cinedeck’s modular approach, workflow packages can be added to each of the three Cinedeck ZX models, supporting the cost-effective custom-build of a workflow system. Plug-in packages cover a wide range of flexible options including formats, networking and connectivity, codecs and wrappers, deck and telecine control – all of which can be purchased separately as required.

For networking and connectivity, all three Cinedeck ZX systems can be fitted with the customer’s choice of either 10Gb Ethernet or 8Gb Fiber networking, or custom adapters for high-bandwidth local storage. Customers can also choose from a selection of codec and wrapper packages to support many media environments, including editorial platforms from Avid, Apple and Adobe. Each codec and wrapper package includes all supported codecs available from Cinedeck’s comprehensive range within the specified wrapper. A range of 4K/UHDTV-1 recording and playback options are also available.

To keep the purchase price of the Cinedeck ZXs extremely competitive, Cinedeck has foregone the built-in touchscreen display, jog-shuttle control and solid-state card readers, as found on the MX, instead enabling users to select from common, off-the-shelf monitoring, control panels and memory card readers.

Cinedeck ZX systems, set to ship in Q4, will also feature Cinedeck’s new v5 64-bit native software. This newly-engineered structure will support a range of realtime features, such as watermarking and image manipulations, along with enhanced stability and support for AS-11/DPP delivery standards. V5 will be also available across the RX and MX product ranges.

“With the powerful Cinedeck ZX you really do get your workflow, your way,” said Charles D’Autremont, founder and CEO of Cinedeck. “This exciting, versatile and cost-advantageous approach means you build what you need, and only pay for that functionality, while still having the option to add a wide range of features and functions should your workflow change.”

Cinedeck ZX is scheduled to ship during Q4 2014. Complete pricing for plug-in workflow packages and options will be announced prior to the shipping date.

About Cinedeck:Founded by cinematographers, and headquartered in New York City, USA, Cinedeck manufactures innovative recording systems for use in all video production environments. Along with on-set monitoring, playback and quality control capabilities, these recorders also unify end-to-end camera-to-post-to archive workflows by offering the industry’s most comprehensive range of ready-to-edit output formats. Cinedeck EX, the industry’s first high-end, multi-format, camera-mountable device, was adopted by hundreds of TV and cinema productions, and won TV Technology’s 2010 STAR Award, the 2010 Vidy Award, DV Magazine’s Award of Excellence, and Studio Daily’s 2012 Prime Award for Best User Interface/User Experience. Continuing this pioneering spirit, Cinedeck addressed the challenges of multi-cam and mobile OB production with its dual-channel Cinedeck RX rack-mounted system. Cinedeck RX won the prestigious 2011 Pick Hit Award at IBC 2011 from Broadcast Engineering Magazine. The four-channel Cinedeck MX built on the company’s proven technology platform, offers fully-tapeless 4K, UltraHD, HD and SD workflows, while the new, modular Cinedeck ZX directly addresses the market need for fast but cost-effective systems for broadcast and cinema production and post.