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Calvary Church of Orland Park Illinois Purchases SD9 As Cornerstone Console In New Worship Facility

Calvary Church of Orland Park

, Illinois is one of the first houses of worship to secure the new


SD9 as its main console for a new worship facility currently under construction. In the meantime, the church operates in a temporary worship location at the Marcus Theaters in town. The SD9, along with d&b audiotechnik B2 and T10 loudspeaker components, will eventually be installed permanently in the new facility, slated to open in the summer of 2011. The console was purchased through

Audio Logic Systems

in Minneapolis, MN, who is also facilitating the design and install in the new church.

When exploring the new SD9, the console allowed Calvary to stay in the digital realm, by offering DiGiCo’s quality and features in a price range that fit their budget. “In our old worship facility, we had replaced our installed system with a mobile system (anticipating our upcoming move) that included a Yamaha LS9-32,� said Reverend Dave Van Kley. “We went with a digital console because we needed the ability to rapidly change mixes and set-ups between our three different services on a Sunday morning, which range from traditional to contemporary. The capabilities of a digital console served that need really well. For our new facility, we definitely wanted to stay with a digital console, but wanted to upgrade from the LS9. I was very aware of DiGiCo’s reputation and quality, but consoles like the SD8 were out of our price range. Getting DiGiCo quality and features in the price range we were looking for in the SD9 was a wonderful surprise. We absolutely love our SD9! The ease of operation, flexibility and quality of this desk are amazing! We know it will be meeting our needs for many years to come. I am also very glad the great crew at Audio Logic Systems encouraged us to take a look at the new SD9 and that DiGiCo’s timing on introducing it corresponded so nicely with our need to purchase a new console.�

Calvary Church’s Pastor of Care and Technology, Reverend Dave Van Kley and sound engineer, Pete Roeters

The console’s current configuration in the transitional movie theatre worship space is somewhat modified explained Rev. Van Kley. “Currently we use the SD9 for our traditional and blended worship services (our contemporary service meets in another theater). Inputs include 5 channels of wireless, two stereo keyboards, CD and Video playback, and up to 6 microphones for instruments and ensembles. Outputs include the main stereo mix, 4 monitor mixes and a recording output. All I/O’s are through the digital snake except the CD and Video playback and the recording output which are on the SD9’s local I/O’s. Once the console is installed in our new facility, we’ll use it for all of our services and it will handle all the I/O needs for our contemporary services as well, which will include IEM and multiple feeds to other locations and recordings.�

Some of the preferred features Rev. Van Kley found lay in the console’s outstanding onboard effects, user-friendly touch screen and routing capabilities. Sound engineer, Pete Roeters, had his own favorites list. “I’d say my favorite feature used weekly is the macro button for turning effects on and off and controlling different parameters all with the push of a button. I also like the ability to ‘split’ the console to have instant access to effects, monitors, etc. And the ability to save and recall sessions, scenes and EQ profiles is very beneficial.�

Both Rev. Van Kley and Roeters say that the console’s flexibility has solved some fundamental challenges for the church, especially in training volunteers, and working in their temporary location. “The SD9’s ‘ease of use’ allows us to train sound techs more quickly, offered Roeters. “Having the digital snake makes it much easier to set up and strike the console compared to what a traditional snake would be like. The case for the SD9 really does make setting up and storing each week pretty simple. Considering the unique facility we are in, the runners or slide skids on one side make it pretty easy to get it back behind the stage.�
But it was the SD9’s sound quality that blew everyone away. “The quality of the SD9’s EQ, effects, and dynamics features is amazing,� raved Rev. Van Kley. “I can’t believe how far it exceeds the quality of the Yamaha console we were using. Adjustments usually only require about half the boost/cut that were needed on the LS9 to accomplish the same thing. The sonic quality is also very noticeable – the sound is so smooth and true.�

“The SD9 is basically the third system I’ve ever worked with,â€? added Roeters. “This system has the best sound quality I’ve heard. And the comments are noticeable in the house. I have received numerous unsolicited comments and compliments from congregation members who have all said the sound is awesome.â€?

Rev. Van Kley concurred, “People have been thrilled with the sound. Worshipers and staff have shared how unbelievable the quality of the sound is. Musicians have also been very pleased with how easy it is to get what they’re looking for and needing both in the house and monitor mixes. They’ve also been amazed at the quality.�
Once situated in their new facility, they both look forward to utilizing more of the consoles features both for recordings and for live productions. “We also look forward to being able to do virtual sound checks and really fine-tuning our mixes without taking up a lot of our musicians’ time,� Rev. Van Kley explained. “And we’re just scratching the surface of options to explore.�