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Blackmagic Design Changes the Video Landscape Once Again With Low-Cost Waveform Monitors

Video editors have long been waiting for an inexpensive, full-featured option for monitoring the technical parameters of the digital video and audio they are creating.

No matter how well adjusted a picture monitor is, video editors need to depend on reliable technical scopes to assure that the audio and video they are delivering is the highest possible quality. UltraScope from Blackmagic Design, unveiled at NAB 2009, addresses these requirements, offering the latest 3 Gb/s SDI and 3 Gb/s optical fibre connections, and the capability to auto detect SD, HD and 3 Gb/s SDI including 1080p.

Now editors and colorists can have the same technical accuracy demanded by broadcast engineers, and it comes at a price almost any editor can afford – just US$695. UltraScope’s combination of a PCI Express card and elegant software puts the six most needed A/V monitoring displays in the hands of every video professional.

UltraScope allows simultaneous display of six waveform views including: RGB/YUV parade display, composite waveform, vector, histogram, eight channel audio meters, audio phase meter and picture view.

Most importantly, Blackmagic Design’s UltraScope is designed to ensure picture quality remains at the highest level throughout the editing process. Its technical accuracy makes it perfect for master monitoring and quality control tasks, and it is the ideal choice for editors as well as colorists who demand the most accurate visual representations of video information.

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