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ATEN Technology Expands Audio/Video Product Line To Broadcasters, Systems Integrators and Educational Institutions

ATEN Technology Expands Audio/Video Product Line To Broadcasters, Systems Integrators and Educational Institutions

Irvine, CA (July 9, 2008) — ATEN Technology, Inc., an innovator of high-quality KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) and remote connectivity products to centrally manage servers, network devices and IT infrastructure, today announced the launch of its expanded line of audio and video products. The expanded line is designed to provide broadcasters, system integrators, and educators with scalable solutions to extend and deliver high resolution audio and video signals.

“From the broadcasters’ Green Room, to sports bars/restaurants, and the classroom, our expanded AV product line serves a multitude of highly relevant applications within these key market sectors,� said Sampson Yang, CEO, ATEN Technology, Inc. “Our DVI Video Extender-VE150 is ideal for enabling information display in financial markets, airports and transportation hubs, broadcast, hospitals, trade shows and exhibitions.�

Available now, the following products round out ATEN Technology’s A/V lineup and range in price from $34.95 to 499.95:
• Video Matrix Switch-VS0404 — 4-port video matrix switch that outputs audio and video from four separate computers to four sources including monitors, projectors and speakers

• VGA Video Extenders
o DVI Video Extender-VE600 — allows the user to extend the distance between DVI source and display devices by as much as 100 feet. Users can remove valuable system equipment from high traffic areas and store it in a secure location. The VE600 also supports extending stereo audio with the video as well as computer resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 (SXGA) and HDTV resolutions up to 1080i.
o DVI Video Extender-VE150 — includes a local transmitting unit and a remote receiving unit which are connected by standard CAT5e cables. The distance of both units can be extended up to 500 feet.

• Video/Audio Splitters
o Video Splitters-VS162/164 – 2- and 4-port video splitters that thrive in broadcasting environment, classrooms, or power computer user settings. These DVI video splitters duplicate and boost the signals from a single DVI video and audio source to two DVI displays and audio outputs. Both the VS162 and VS164 also feature audio support and can be daisy chained for additional viewing.
o Video Separators-VS92A/VS94A/VS98A/VS132/VS134/VS138 – Ideal for public broadcasting, remote monitoring, classroom and training facilities, these 2 to 8-port video separators offer a high 250mHz bandwidth (350Hz for VS132/134/VS138) to transmit large amounts of information quickly at the high resolution setting of 1920 x 1440 in 24 or 32 bit true color mode.

• DVI Switches-VS261/VS461 — These 2- and 4-port DVI switches set new standards of excellence in multimedia functionality by combining a Digital Visual Interface (DVI) Video Switch with quality stereo audio. The VS261 and VS461 eliminate the need for separate display and audio setups as well as offer the capability to switch among two media sources and enjoy the output on a single DVI display and set of multimedia speakers.

• VGA Video Switch-VS881– this 8-port video switch allows users to switch between eight different computers’ video signals using a single VGA display. The VS881 also serves as a signal booster, increasing the distance of the video signal up to 215 feet. A wireless remote offers instant switching between users. The unit is ideal for meetings and conferences with multiple presenters.

The following are sample scenarios depicting the use of ATEN’s new AV product line:
• Film Industry: Film editors typically use two monitors to compare/contrast scenes as they edit. The new units simplify this process by allowing editors to switch back and forth between monitors.
• Television Broadcast: For TV programs such as reality programs that use multiple or remote cameras, the new products offer the capability to switch angle views between cameras.
• Sports Bars/Restaurants: For establishments that broadcast sports or other programs, the new units allow switching between the MLB World Series or the World Series of Poker on different screens.

“With the launch of these new units and expansion of our entire line of video products, we are providing affordable, scalable and easy-to-use solutions that fully support the latest display technologies,� added Yang. According to Yang, ATEN recently introduced three new HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) video units designed for the diverse needs of home theatre, corporate, educational, and broadcast among others. (Editor’s Note: please click on link to release on new HDMI models –


About ATEN Technology, Inc.
ATEN Technology, Inc. is an innovator of high-quality KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) and remote connectivity products to centrally manage servers, network devices and IT infrastructure. The company’s local and remote server room and data center remote management solutions are widely used in SMB and enterprise-level environments. With more than 20 years of industry expertise and profitable growth, ATEN’s product portfolio leverages a broad range of patents. Its leading-edge ASIC technology and VSE patents offer network administrators the most comprehensive features and functionality to manage growing multi-platform IT environments. The ASIC chip is one of the company’s key differentiators, as it represents the innovation that drives the product line’s capabilities, and ensures reliability and quality. ATEN has facilities in the United States, Taiwan, Belgium, Canada, Japan and China. The company’s U.S. sales, marketing and warehouse operations are based in Irvine, California. For more information, contact ATEN at (888) 999-ATEN or 949-428-1111, or via the Web at

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