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Archion & Elite Avid Resellers Partner To Address Limited Availability of Unity MediaNetwork Expansion Storage

— Archion Synergy Provides Only Mature, Proven Solution with Thousands of Satisfied MediaNetworks Clients —

Burbank, CA (October 18, 2011) – With the limited availability of Avid Unity™ MediaNetwork™ storage products,

Archion Technologies

remains prepared to deliver what will become the only true option for Avid Unity users that need to expand their storage capacity now or in the future. Archion’s Synergy with its patent pending Vdisk™ technology offers seamless, plug-and-play integration into Unity MediaNetwork storage systems.

Today, thousands of extremely satisfied clients around the world are utilizing Synergy storage on Unity MediaNetworks 3.5 – 5.x. These include major broadcasters like CBS, Fox Networks and Turner Broadcast, large studios like Sony and 20th Century Fox Films as well as smaller independent facilities. Synergy solutions are sold primarily through elite Avid resellers that appreciate their simplicity and compelling value.

“Our focus is to keep our clients ahead of technology and effectively manage the life cycle of their investments,” said Mike Cavanagh, President of Key Code Media in Burbank, CA, one of Avid’s largest resellers.  “With that mindset of providing value to our clients, we see Archion’s Synergy as the only proven option for expanding Avid Unity MediaNetworks, and RAID protection is an important benefit. It offers seamless integration into the Avid workflow with a strong investment protection.”

“With thousands of customers worldwide, Avid’s Unity MediaNetwork remains the most widely used storage for Avid workflows, and we remain firmly committed to offering the best solutions for preserving those customer investments,” said Reuben Lima, Chief Operating Officer of Archion. “Large numbers of Avid customers invested in their Media Engine between 2009 and 2011, many as recently as this summer. They deserve the option of expanding the capacity without requiring an expensive, time-consuming forklift upgrade and the risk of media loss.

“We have more than five years of experience delivering expansion storage to Unity MediaNetwork clients,” he added, “and we remain firmly committed to continuing our support of the Avid Unity platform.” 

Decade of Experience Taking MediaNetworks to Another Level

Archion’s Synergy shared storage product line is the result of a decade of experience in providing Avid Unity MediaNetwork-based solutions. Archion’s Synergy offers the highest performance RAID protected add-on storage for Avid Unity MediaNetworks, while offering seamless integration and complete compatibility without changing the popular Unity workflow.  Synergy establishes a new standard in scalability for MediaNetworks, making it the only solution that can deliver the maximum capacity of 128 Terabytes (TB) of usable protected storage on Media Engines 5.1x and 40TB of fully protected storage on version 4.2x.

MediaNetwork customers benefit significantly by expanding with Synergy. Upon upgrading to 5.1x, CBS, for example, added a Synergy system to expand its Avid Unity MediaNetwork for two of its shows, the highly rated “Judge Joe Brown” and the new “Swift Justice with Nancy Grace.” Increasing its storage by a factor of 10, Synergy provides CBS with a total of 128TBs of storage, including 96TBs of usable storage (RAID 5 protected). With Avid storage, they would have been limited to 64TBs of protected storage.

Another facility, Wild Eyes Productions in Hermosa Beach, CA, recently added 96TBs of Synergy storage to its Avid Unity MediaNetwork. Wild Eyes’ significant track record in television, documentary and docu-reality filmmaking balances military documentaries like “Inside Al-Qaeda” and “Inside the Taliban” for National Geographic with reality TV series like “The Squad: Prison Police” for the A&E Network.

“Simply put, Archion’s Synergy has proven to be a lifesaver for us,” said Conor Morris, Post Production Supervisor at Wild Eyes, which has 96TBs of Synergy storage and requires it all to be protected. “Synergy was much more cost-effective than Avid or the other solutions we looked at, it runs off of the same Unity interface and it worked flawless right out of the box.”

White Paper on Hardware RAID Protection in Avid Unity Environment Available

To summarize the benefits of Synergy, Archion has published a whitepaper – Uncovering the Full Potential of Avid Unity MediaNetworks: Realizing Greater Rewards without the Traditional Risks – that is available


on the Archion website. In addition, a comparison of the two add-on storage chassis — Archion Synergy vs. Avid XT — is available here.

Vdisk with Advanced Storage Technologies

Archion engineers created the award winning and patent pending Vdisk with advanced storage technologies that enable plug-and-play integration of hardware parity RAID into Unity storage systems without changing the workflow. The RAID controller manages the disk drives, RAID sets and Vdisks in a more efficient manner, requiring far fewer drives than Avid storage subsystems to deliver higher capacities and resolutions.

Synergy provides better protection with less storage overhead than Unity RAID. Because Synergy is configured in RAID 5, the need to mirror storage or compromise media is eliminated, which can provide 60% more usable storage than mirroring. Incredibly, Unity MediaNetwork owners can save more than 70% per protected TB when adding Synergy storage.

With its highly intelligent built-in hardware 4 or 8 GB RAID controller to manage storage more efficiently, Synergy automatically rebuilds a faulty drive to eliminate downtime and keep the rest of the network unaffected by a drive failure. Archion’s system consistently checks, identifies and repairs drive errors while ensuring constant data flow. If one of the drives should fail, the hot spare drive kicks in to automatically and seamlessly rebuild the data. Clients continue to work and log on and off as normal without affecting the Unity operation. Synergy also comes with a two-year hardware warranty, twice Avid’s one-year warranty.

“As part of our strong commitment to technical support and investment protection, we have more than a decade of experience supporting Unity clients with a dedicated team of Unity MediaNetwork experts,” said James Tucci, Chief Technology Officer of Archion. “Support is available 24/7, and parts can be advance replaced for next day delivery. In addition, several regions have local spares for same day delivery. In fact, we find our engineers spending more time supporting Unity than Archion storage.”

About Archion

Archion Technologies, based in Burbank, CA, is a leading provider of intelligent networked storage solutions specifically designed for post production and graphic professionals. Founded by a team of post production, technology and entertainment industry professionals in 1999, Archion set out to create a new standard of data protection and performance for those creating video, audio, and graphical content. Since then, Archion’s high-performance storage technology has been critical to the success of hundreds of TV and feature film projects and is prominently used in Avid, Apple, Adobe, Autodesk and Pro Tools environments.

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