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2XM Interactive Installs New ‘Through-Glass’ Projection ‘Claw Game’ to Capture Customers this Holiday Season

Montréal’s Underground Shopping Complex ‘Promenades Cathédrale’ Offers Customers Fun, Interactive Way to Win Holiday Shopping Prizes


MONTREAL, Québec—November 25th 2010


2XM Interactive

, a Montréal-based technology start-up that produces ‘through-glass’ interactive technology, augmented reality, and smart phone applications for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7—today unveiled a special store-front interactive ‘through-glass’ projection display that gives holiday retailers and shoppers a new spin on an old favorite arcade-style game.

During the holiday shopping season (November 25th – December 24th) retail stores in Promenades Cathédrale will issue customers a Quick Response “


� coupon upon check out, allowing them to play a virtual version of the “Claw� game on a glass surface, turned interactive by 2XM technology (remember The Claw arcade game, that lifted the three-eyed alien toys to freedom in Pixar’s Toy Story?).

The 2XM Interactive “Claw� game display is located in the central hall in front of “Linen Chest�. Customers who are able to ‘capture’ a prize-ball in the game will get a shopping voucher worth varying amounts from any one of the retail stores within Promenades Cathédrale.

“2XM Interactive began working with SGM Agency, the marketing and advertising agency of record for Promenades Cathédrale, several weeks ago on this unique and creative holiday campaign that showcases our interactive ‘through-glass’ technology to offer a fun, easy, and attention-grabbing user experience for consumers,� said Antoine Azar, president and founder of 2XM Interactive. “We’re excited to leverage 2XM Interactive next-generation technology and demonstrate how we offer both businesses and consumers creative ways to use interactive ‘through-glass’ projection, augmented reality, and smart phone applications to engage their business partners and customers,� added Azar.
Members of the Press: To schedule a press demonstration of 2XM Interactive technology in their Plateau offices (4529 Clark Street, Suite 300-located inside the Revolver3 studio) or to visit the virtual “Claw� game in Promenades Cathédrale, please contact Kevin G. Clark, KG|KD PR, (514) 754-0343,

or Jean-François Gagné,

(514) 907-9095. Additional information about 2XM Interactive can be found on the Web at


About 2XM Interactive

2XM interactive (established in Montréal in 2008) is an entrepreneurial start up that creates mobile applications for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7—along with interactive touch surface technologies for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) markets.

With customers that include Mozilla, Siemens, and marketing, advertising and communications agencies such as Kelly & Cie and SGM Agency in Montréal—2XM interactive engineers unique technologies that engage the public on their smart phones, and can transform any glass surface into a tactile and interactive display for catalogs, entertainment applications, promotional quick-response (QR) codes, augmented reality and many other applications—giving its clients a creative and competitive advantage.

Led by Antoine Azar, with 15 years of visual graphics engineering, software application programming and business development experience, the creative team of experts at 2XM Interactive are available to help companies in literally any industry create an interactive smart phone or touch screen application and strategy that facilitates B2B and B2C applications to better serve customers and capture attention for increased sales opportunities.