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ZONA Design Creates Logo & Main Title Sequence for Orchard Films’ Indie Sex Series on IFC

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For a revealing look at sex in cinema, the image makers at ZONA Design (New York, NY), the New York-based innovative design agency, created the logo and main title sequence for Orchard Films‘ Indie Sex, a four-part mini-series airing on The Independent Film Channel (IFC) at midnight August 1,2,3, and 4.

ZOA Since the earliest film images were created, sex and nudity have been part of cinema and audiences have been both titillated and horrified by what they’ve seen. Orchard Films‘ Indie Sex: Censored examines how filmmakers, the film industry, and special interest groups have attempted to both regulate and set free the images which filmmakers create, and who gets to see them. Indie Sex: Taboos takes a look at how indie films present sex to the public, liberating some viewers, infuriating others. Underage sex is one of the most taboo topics on screen. Indie Sex: Teens presents the history and role of teenage sex and sexuality on screen – from Splendor in the Grass to Kids to Thirteen. The most controversial sex scenes are the ones that really push the envelope – from Lolita to Secretary to Nine Songs. Indie Sex: Extremes explores real sex on screen, S&M, fetish, and more. The films that are explored exemplify how cinema can be used to express the vast range of human sexuality.

ZONA Design is known for the creation of award-winning distinctive marks and the way in which Creative Director/Designer Zoa Martinez, and her team, integrate color branding, typography, composition and choreography – attributes which ZONA‘s clients repeatedly seek out.

ZONA Design is known for creating bold, distinctive marks by integrating color branding, typography, composition and choreography. It’s this distinct ability that’s made ZONA Design such a sought after design agency. Indie Sex is an IFC documentary program that explores the highly controversial topic of sex in cinema. Spliced film, subtly mimicking the black bar used to preserve anonymity, is juxtaposed with gestural letter-forms and their contrast creates the energy of this thing we call sex. The title design speaks to the viewer directly on whether cinematic sex is something to be censored or left uninhibited.

Creative Director/Designer Zoa Martinez and her team captured the diversity, heat, and tension of sex in a bold, distinctive manner. “The zipper opens to expose a series of sexually charged images – the sensual kiss, the interlocking of hands in ecstasy, bondage. The condoms represented sex shops but also portrayed safe sex. We also included the male nude (boys, boys, boys), a lollipop to help illustrate the charged issue of teen sex, and the suggestive opening and closing of a woman‘s gartered legs. The face on the tv screen helped transport the viewer into the scenes, forcing them to confront their own hidden desires. Since sexuality infuses the senses we added leopard and red satin graphic patterns that possess a tactile feel,” she added.

“ZONA Design harnessed all of the diverse, essential elements of our four films and created a title sequence that’s exciting and sexy. It’s perfect for the series! In addition, due to ZONA‘s extensive experience working with IFC, they knew precisely what style we’re looking for. The results are beautiful and we had a really enjoyable time working with Zoa, Dennis and their team,” stated Lesli Klainberg, Owner of Orchard Films.

The ZONA design team was led by Creative Director/Designer/Director Zoa Martinez, and included Executive Producer Dennis Fluet, Designers Agnes Nowakowska and Mark Lee, Editor/Compositor Supara Sophnowasu, Senior Compositor Artist Andre Sam, and Director of Photography Robert McKenna. ZONA utilized Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop, and Apple Final Cut Pro in the execution of this project.

Representing Orchard Films were owner Lesli Klainberg, who produced all four films and directed two, and Lisa Ades, who directed the remaining two films in the mini-series.

Kevin Aviance composed Strut, which was used as the musical underscore.

About ZONA Design:

ZONA Design, founded in 1999, is an award winning multi-disciplined design agency creating results driven work that is bold and direct for all points of contact with the consumer in the general, Hispanic, and youth markets. The company‘s portfolio includes high profile projects for Disney/ESPN Networks, AOL Time Warner Networks, 5Boro Skateboards, Discovery Communications, Encore Media Group, Rainbow Media Holdings, Chrysler, Dodge, and the various A&E Networks.

About Orchard Films:

New York-based production company Orchard Films was founded in 2000 by award-winning filmmakers Lisa Ades and Lesli Klainberg. Together they have produced numerous acclaimed documentary programs for public television and cable, with broadcasts on PBS, IFC, A&E, AMC and WE: Women‘s Entertainment. Their films have also been screened at prestigious film festivals throughout the world, including the Sundance Film Festival, Outfest, Full Frame, Sheffield International Documentary Festival and the Walker Art Center Women‘s Film Festival. Recent Orchard productions include Chasing The Crown and Love Files (WE), In The Company Of Women (IFC), Beauty in a Jar (A&E), Miss America (PBS), and Fabulous: The Story of Queer Cinema (IFC).

About IFC the Network:

Launched in September 1994, The Independent Film Channel (IFC) is the first channel entirely dedicated to presenting independent film, unedited and commercially uninterrupted 24 hours a day. IFC’s library boasts a collection of uncompromising stories, character and style. Committed to work struck from the creative vision of cinema’s most compelling filmmakers, IFC also offers alternative films from today’s new and up-and-coming artists. IFC’s exclusive live coverage of special events including the Independent Spirit Awards and Cannes Film Festival, creative on-air festivals and one-of-a-kind original series and specials secures the company’s role as the leader in independent film. IFC Television is one of the fastest growing digital cable networks available nationwide.

ZONA Design, Inc. is headquartered in the Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 321, New York, NY 10118. For additional information, or to see a reel, contact VP/Executive Producer Dennis Fluet at HYPERLINK “

or by phone at 212.244.2900. Visit the ZONA Design web site at

. ZONA Design is a certified Minority Woman Business Enterprise from the NYNJ Council (NMSDC) and New York City. ZONA Design is also a 2004 and 2005 Hispanic Trends Magazine Top 100 Entrepreneur.



Production/Editorial: ZONA Design

City/State: New York, NY

Zoa Martinez- Creative Director/Designer/Director

Dennis Fluet – Executive Producer

Agnes Nowakowska – Designer

Mark Lee – Designer

Supara Sophonwasu – Edit/Composite

Andre Sam – Sr Composite Artist

Robert McKenna- Director of Photography

Client: Orchard Films

City/State: Brooklyn, NY

Owner/Producer/Director: Lesli Klainberg

Director: Lisa Ades

Musical Underscore: Strut

Composed by Kevin Aviance